Warrior Cat Love Story for she-cats (Leafbreeze)

Hello! This is part 3 to the warrior cats love story quiz by Silversky. This is for if you loved, Leafbreeze. The beautiful dark tabby she-cat with a pale chest and belly and pretty amber eyes.

This quiz will determine your future with her! If you didn't love Leafbreeze, go check out the quizzes with either, Stormheart, Flameleap, Shadefur, and or Flint!

Created by: Silversky
  1. Okay, this quiz is technically a part 3. On the first two by Silversky, did you get Leafbreeze as your answer? Because this quiz is about where your story will go with her, if you didn't, go find the quizzes for, Flameleap, Stormheart, Shadefur, or Flint, thank you!
  2. Everyone is a warrior but you. But after long waiting, you pass your assessments and reach the age of 12 moons! Leopardstar gives you a beautiful warrior name, and your friends and family congratulate you. Your mother, Fernheart and your father, Volesplash are very proud.Leafbreeze comes up to you during your vigil. Her pretty amber eyes twinkle in the darkness. "I know you can't speak," she meows. "But I have something for you." she leaves and returns with a beautiful red flower."I-I know it's a long shot you feel the same way, but...in the morning, maybe you'll tell me then?" she says, shuffling her paws. Before she turns away, you,
  3. As the colors of dawn streak across the sky, you can finally finish your vigil. Graysky, your former mentor tells you that you can sleep. But instead, you go to find Leafbreeze, who, as always is up early outside the warriors den. You trot to her. "Leafbreeze, I have something to tell you," you say,
  4. Leafbreeze is over joyed, and you both decide to keep it a secret for now, until you are both ready to live with some cats disapproving of you both. Or worse, getting banished. You continue with your regular day, but by the end, you go on a forest walk with Leafbreeze."I'm really glad you feel the same way," she purrs flirtatiously. You purr back and entwine tails with her, your pelts brushing. Leafbreeze sighs contently, leaning against you slightly. "Soon we can be like this in the Clan. And we won't care what others think." she mewed dreamily. You say,
  5. The days go on. You and Leafbreeze take secret evening walks together, and share prey in the early mornings. Everyone just thinks you're good friends. A lot of the time Flameleap will join you both to be with Leafbreeze, his sister. One morning, while you're on a border patrol with Stormheart, Volesplash, and Leafbreeze, a young MoonClan apprentice crosses the border chasing a young squirrel. You get into a skirmish with the MoonClan patrol. Volesplash seems ready to attack, and Leafbreeze presses against you protectively.
  6. Luckily, there was no battle, but this made things tense between DawnClan and MoonClan. Back at camp, cats are crowding around your mother, Fernheart. She has announced she's having a second litter! You'll be getting younger siblings! You go to your mother and congratulate her warmly. Volesplash is overjoyed as well. Leafbreeze pads over to you a few moments later and whispers, "If only we could have kits of our own." You say,
  7. You realize Leafbreeze wants kits. But you cannot give that to her. Nor she can give that to you. You pull her away to the forest where a small clearing is where the apprentices usually train. You say to her,
  8. Leafbreeze purrs and licks your cheek. "Sentimental furball." she murmurs playfully. Two moons pass, you and Leafbreeze still a secret from your home Clan. Fernheart has her kits. Two toms and a she-kit. The toms are Hawkkit and Branchkit, and the she-kit is Lilykit. You love your new siblings very dearly. But soon, you realize Leafbreeze looking unhappy. You ask what's wrong and she tells you. "I can't live like this. In secret with my feelings for you. I don't care what others think. This is love. I want to tell them."
  9. Before Leafbreeze could respond to whatever it is you said, you hear a shriek. Honeywhisker, Shadefur, and Graysky run into camp, dragging a limp figure. Leopardstar! Cats cluster around their limp leader's body."She was bitten by a snake!" Honeywhisker wailed."Where is Robinsong?" Graysky demands for the Clan medicine cat. The tortoiseshell and speckled she-cat rushes out. Everyone waits in fear as Robinsong tries to heal Leopardstar. You think,
  10. Robinsong works hard with her herbs, and Leopardstar awakes. But she has lost a life. And is on her last life.You and Leafbreeze are left shaken, and go to retreat in the shade together. "Poor Leopardstar..." Leafbreeze murmurs. You nod. "That was horrible." Leafbreeze snuggles against you in the shade of the oak tree, the dusk light twinkling behind you.
  11. A few days pass, and Leafbreeze doesn't say anything about telling the Clan. But one afternoon after a hunting patrol, she comes up to you. "I think it's time." she murmurs. You respond with,
  12. That's it! See what happens in your future by submitting your results! Hope you liked it!

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