Warrior cat love story for she-cats part 2

Hello! This quiz is a part 2 to my first warrior cats love story for she-cats! If you haven't taken the first one yet, you should go do that! Remember, look for, by, Silversky!

I really hope you like this part 2! Will you fall for Shadepaw, Flamepaw, Stormpaw, or Leafpaw? Or a new character? Or do you all think of them as friends? Find out!

Created by: Silversky
  1. So, we left of yo going to the gathering with Stormpaw and Shadepaw, (If you haven't done quiz 1 you can either go take it or start this one, either way works fine!) You pad alongside Shadepaw and Stormpaw, excited for your second gathering now. At nine moons you have done well with your training, just as the other apprentices. The gathering nears closer as you smell different scents of ForestClan and RippleClan. You are part of DawnClan, and the other Clan is MoonClan. Stormpaw shifts uncomfortably. "I'm a little nervous," he murmurs. "You're always nervous!" Shadepaw snaps. You say,
  2. You make it to the gathering, seeing that MoonClan has not yet arrived. You sit with Stormpaw and Shadepaw, with three other apprentices, Tansypaw, Rainpaw, and Marshpaw. You talk with everyone and finally MoonClan arrives and the leaders share their news and you leave. As you are padding back, you scent something odd. Almost cat-like. But from what Clan? None you recognize. Shadepaw stops and looks at you. "What is it? Are you hurt? Er, not that I really...care." he says, looking down.
  3. When you get back into camp, Flamepaw and Leafpaw, the brother and sister siblings come padding to you. "How was it?" Flamepaw asks eagerly, his yellow eyes twinkling as he looks at you a bit. "Yeah! Did you have fun?" Leafpaw adds, her pretty amber eyes twinkling. You respond with,
  4. After a few moons, Flamepaw and Leafpaw are almost ready to become warriors. You are now 10 moons, and Shadepaw and Stormpaw are 11 moons. You are sitting in the shade after a long day of training with Graysky. Flamepaw pads over to you from across camp. "Hey," he meows. You wave your tail in greeting. "I wanted you to be the first to know I passed my assessments!" he said excitedly, bushing up his flamey ginger tabby fur with glee. "Wow! That's really great, Flamepaw!" you congratulate him. He purrs and suddenly looks into your eyes, as if he can't help himself. "You'll be a warrior soon too. Then we can be warriors together." he mewed. You respond with,
  5. Flamepaw gets called by his mentor, and Leafpaw takes his place talking with you. "Hi," she greets you warmly. You purr a greeting. "I got permission to go on a quick walk in the woods from my mentor, want to come?" she offers. You agree and the two of you walk through the woods, admiring the sun dappled undergrowth. The leaves turning golden and red as leaffall approaches. Leafpaw looks at you. "(Your name), I'm really glad we know each other..." she says a little shyly. You respond with,
  6. Before Leafpaw could say anything more, a snap of a twig startled the two of you. You scented the air. There was that scent again! The one almost two moons ago you smelled after the gathering. Leafpaw glances at you. "Who's there?" she calls, inching closer to you. You raise your head bravely to face what was in the clump of ferns. Suddenly, a ginger and white tabby cat leaps out gracefully, startling you both. "Er, sorry," the tom said, his eyes twinkling in amusement. "Who are you?!" Leafpaw demands, neck fur bristling. "This is DawnClan territory!" The ginger and white tabby looks at you and his eyes widen a little. "I'm just passing by. I think I've been here before. Though...I would have stayed if I'd seen you." he said, looking at you. Leafpaw bristled and growled at him. "Leave! Now!" she ordered. The tom kept his gaze on you but backed away. "I can take a hint," he said, eyes glittering playfully. He leaped away but gave you a playful look.
  7. You and Leafpaw quickly run back to camp and report to Leopardstar and Silversky what happened. Leopardstar sends out a patrol to look for the mysterious stranger. You decide to rest your paws, when Shadepaw comes over to you. "Er, um hi," he says stiffly, not looking at you. You wait for him to continue. "Th-the cat...you saw...he...did he hurt you in any way?" he asked looking up at you with his deep blue eyes. You shake your head. "The opposite actually." you respond. Shadepaw stiffened. "What does that mean?" You shuffle your paws. "He seemed to like me.." you confess. Shadepaw bristled. "What!? H-how dare he!? Are you okay? I-I mean not that I...I care...I just was..." he trails off with an angry grunt. You respond with,
  8. Shadepaw sighed and sat down. "I'm sorry. I...I know I can be..." he paused, eyes angrily at the ground. "I know I can be hard to deal with...er...but...it's...just...hard after my brother died..." he managed to say. Every word seemed like a struggle. You blink in surprise as he confides in you. "I know we were only five moon old kits...and it was so long ago...but...it really messed me up, (your name)...I'm sorry I'm rude to you." he says and looks at you with his deep blue eyes, as if pleading for forgiveness.
  9. Shadepaw looks away shyly. "Er, th-thanks, (your name)." he murmurs, eyes glimmering a little, but he hides it. Before you can respond, Leopardstar calls a Clan meeting. You see Flamepaw and Leafpaw at the base of the big tree, where Leopardstar climbs to a branch to call meetings. You think, The warrior ceremony! "Come on, we can sit together if you'd like." you say to Shadepaw. He nods and you both sit in the forming crowd of DawnClan warriors. Stormpaw sits beside you shyly. "Mind if I sit?" he asks, eyes twinkling at you. "Not at all!" you purr in greeting. The ceremony starts, and Flamepaw becomes Flameleap, and Leafpaw becomes Leafbreeze. The Clan cheers and they both pad to you after their families congratulate them. "I'm so excited! We're finally warriors!" Flameleap says, looking at his sister. Leafbreeze purrs. "It's amazing!" they both look at you, their eyes both shining with a new, stronger affection.
  10. After the ceremony, Flameleap and Leafbreeze start their vigil. You eat your vole alone until Stormpaw pads up with a small sparrow for himself. "Er, mind if I join you?" he asks shyly. You nod. He settles down and eats his meal. He clears his throat after a long silence of you both eating. "Er, (your name), I-I'm trying not to be shy...I um...I hope you k-know that I...I care about you I just-," he gets cut off by Silversky. "Stormpaw! Could I have you for the evening patrol? Your mentor says its alright." she mews. "Er, coming!" Stormpaw shoots up and dashes away. You look after him and think,
  11. You use the dirtplace to slip out of camp to clear your head. Stormpaw's confession was surprising and a little overwhelming. You pad towards the MoonClan border but stop so you aren't too close. A scent drifts over you and the bushes rustle. You leap to your paws, knowing what this is. The ginger and white tabby tom leaps out, making you jump a little. How is he so stealthy? "Well, fancy meeting you here," he purrs smoothly, eyes glittering playfully. You bristle a little. "Y-you can't be here! This is DawnClan territory! If anyone sees you-," he cuts you off in a purr. "No one can catch me, believe me. I've been through a lot. The name's Flint, can I know yours?"
  12. No matter what you do, his eyes glitter at you. "You must think I'm crazy," he purrs. You say nothing, your tail lashing. "Hey, I'll leave, don't worry," he says, backing away. "I just...and don't think I do this often...but...you...well if I'm being honest-you caught my eye." he purrs. He turns to leave but looks back at you. "I hope I see you again. I'm always around." he says warmly, eyes glittering.
  13. It's been a moon after your encounter with Flint, and you don't see him. (Even if you choose go to look for him). Stormpaw and Shadepaw had their warrior ceremony, their names are now, Stormheart and Shadefur. Your warrior ceremony is in a moon. Stormheart hasn't really spoken to you after he confessed his feelings. Stormheart was always shy, and he probably thinks you don't like him. Shadefur, Flameleap, and Leafbreeze all hang out with you and speak to you, do you like any of them?
  14. Thats the end! Find out what happens in the next ones! So, actually what will happen is there will be five separate quizzes for each cat you like! Look for the quiz with the cat you have feelings for! If you like none of them, then go find another quiz I guess! Hehe! Hope you liked this quiz! Thank you!

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