Warrior cats love story mew

My quiz is pretty good but it could be better. Please read before answering and do your best and it is not hard. Please do as you like. Yay yay yay meow mau

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Created by: Redheart1

  1. You are Redkit a ginger she-kit. You have just opened your eyes.Gingerkit asks "Do you wanna play mossball?"
  2. Then Goldenkit comes up and asks "Do you wanna play warriors?"
  3. Darkstar comes up and says "Go to the den. It will be moonrise soon"
  4. The next day. It is your apprentice ceremony. Who do you want your mentor to be?
  5. Your mentor is Darkstar and you are getting shown the territory. Darkstar asks "Now what do you like about Thunderclan?"
  6. You have been training for 6 moons and it is time for your warrior ceremony "Red paw by the power of starclan I give you your warrior name. Redheart"
  7. ---- comes up and asks you "Redheart I have loved you since we met. Will you be my mate?" Who asks
  8. You must choose. Will you be their mate?
  9. You have ha 3 kits. A ginger she-kit, a brown and black she-kit and a black Tom. What are their names?
  10. Your leader is ill and has lost his last life. You are the leader. What is your first decree?

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