Warriors cats love story (part 2)

Nobody ever reads this but here we go again, Welcome to warrior cats love story part 2. Here you play the part of Riverfall, a warrior with a prophecy

You have been given nine lives by starclan. But you aren't a leader! You have been killed once defending dark stream from a badger, but now you have two new cats fighting over you (plus the other three)

Created by: Houston

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  1. Have you taken quiz one yet
  2. Recap: you went on an adventure and three toms fought over you, now you see a cat over the horizon
  3. The small cat comes up to you, looks at the badger, and nods. You respond by...
  4. He takes you to a secluded meadow, I am stone. He rasped. And that, he said nodding to the bushes, is creepy. You look backward and moonfoot is peeking through some dock leaves. He steps out, you react by...
  5. Stone leaves, moonfoot is looking kind of uncomfortable. You ask him if he's ok. "Well... I know it's wrong to like a cat when it's forbidden, but I still... I still love her."You...
  6. You run off and fall into a ditch. There is a small cold pool. You are too tired to go home so you drink some water and fall asleep (do you get where I'm going with this?)
  7. You dream of cornflower (the deputy from my first quiz) she tells you that many cats have lived here before, they had reason to leave, but you had reason to stay. That's when you realize that her pelt was full of stars, cornflower was dead...
  8. You wake up and run out of the cave. I have to get out of here! You say. You accidentally stumble into something. Oof! It was a cat! What's your problem you look up, it is a handsome Tom with a Bright red scar on his foreleg. Who are you?
  9. My name is scar. he said. Why are you here. I'm here with some other toms on a quest... Hmmmm, can I come? Sure the more the merrier! When you get back to camp all the toms are angry. You think
  10. The next day you you go hunting, smokestorm steps out into the clearing, scaring off a mouse. You think...
  11. He comes up and says, you know I love you, and I've been wondering, will you be my mate?CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!! Don't kill me

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