How Well Do You Know Warrior Cats ~Part 2~

Want to test your warrior cats knowledge...This is the place to do it! I will have about twenty questions, all from the warrior books! Come and join me warrior cat fans!

This is part two, please take part one if you haven't taken it yet. The last quiz was one The Prophecies Begin and The New Prophecy, this one will be on The New Prophecy and The Power of Three. Hope you enjoy!

Created by: Nightstream
  1. Who is the first cat to die in the new territories?
  2. Why did Tallstar make Onewhisker leader instead of Mudclaw before he died?
  3. Who discovered the Moonpool?
  4. Who was plotting to kill Onestar?
  5. Who killed Mudclaw?
  6. Who are Squirrelflight's suitors?
  7. How does Firestar nearly lose all his nine lives?
  8. What happens while Leafpool is away with Crowfeather?
  9. How did Cinderpelt die?
  10. On to power of three. What is wrong with Jaypaw?
  11. Why did Hollypaw choose not to become a medicine cat?
  12. Who are Lionpaw's, Hollypaw's and Jaypaw's mentors?
  13. Who is Lionpaw's first crush?
  14. What did Lionpaw and _______ (your last guess) discover?
  15. Why did Squirrelflight, Brambleclaw, Crowfeather, Breezepaw, Hollypaw, Lionpaw and Jaypaw go on a journey to the Tribe of Rushing Water?
  16. Who is the newcomer among the Clans that predicted the eclipse?
  17. Why does Ashfur try to kill Hollyleaf, Lionblaze and Jayfeather?
  18. Who are the three's parents?
  19. What are the three's powers?
  20. Who kills Ashfur and dies soon after?

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