Warrior Cats RP for Kitty Lovers

Meow, this tory MAY not be the best or the worst but it sure was fun to write! I didn't get very descriptive or deep but thats because this was my first story!

Another Paragraph! UGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! Like why can't we just be like BYE!!! Jk, i hope my love for Kittens spreads to you my Friend! Peace Out Sucka! :3

Created by: amazon

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  1. Your a kit in the nursery and you see a shadowy figure crawl through a hole in the nursery wall, what do you do?
  2. It Too Late! The shadowy figure grabs you by the tail and runs out of the tunnel, with you yowling and crying. What do you do?
  3. Whatever you did, It worked! The figure dropped you and sprinted off! Leaving you to run back to the clan and tell your adventure! You see a WhiteKit staring at you adoringly, what do you do?
  4. Your a Warrior now! Remember that White kit, well thats your new mate! SnowFrost! Your out hunting When you see a cat padding after SnowFrost like a moon struck rabbit! Uh oh!
  5. Snowfrost says they have to make dirt and runs to the cat in the undergrowth! The cat didn't notice I was there! Snowfrost touches muzzles and runs toward RiverClan! A RiverClan cat!
  6. Its been awhile since SnowFrost went with that RiverClan cat, and he hasn't returned to camp! On that stroll you were going to tell him the good news! You were expecting kits. You are asked to join a search party
  7. At The Gathering! SnowFrost is having kits With a RiverClan cat! StreamStar said it was the best news in a while. What do you do?
  8. Your clanmates Grieve with you, for SnowFrost was your mate! How could they! A handsome Smoky Gray cat with Blue eyes caught your eye, it would be a good distraction!
  9. You had the kits! They're so cute! You named them with StormWave (The gray cat) They are FawnKit, LionKit, and FIreKit. Who's your favorite?
  10. In the night FawnKit disappears! Your wracked with worry and guilt! SnowFrost must have taken her! You-
  11. Its moons later and you're in the elders den, SnowFrost came back to ThunderClan and StormWave died, you raise the kits with SnowFrost forgiving them, because you love them with all your heart, they are now FawnFoot, LionStorm, and FireRoar, FawnFoot now the medicine cat, LionStorm the deputy and FireRoar In the nursery with her kits. A peaceful way to die, With my true love and my kits living lives I'm proud to know.
  12. What Did you Think? Its my first one! Probably not the best but whatever :3

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