What kind of human companion would your kitty be?

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Our cats are our constant companions. There are as many personality traits to our feline friends as there are in people. Determining what kind of 'human' you kitty may be if they could be magically transformed is the fun part of this quiz!

There is no 'wrong' result with this quiz! Every kitty is unique and all are beneficial and enrich our lives. This is not a test or a survey, but something for fun! What kind of human, male or female, would YOUR kitty be?

Created by: Steve Soderquist

  1. When you first get out of bed, your kitty:
  2. It's nap-time and your kitty likes to get some shut-eye in:
  3. Company comes over and your kitty reacts by:
  4. Your kitty has just finished using the litter pan and only makes half an effort to cover his or her 'business':
  5. It's six A.M. and kitty has decided you've slept long enough. He or she lets you know this by:
  6. You bring a new kitten into the fold. Your kitty responds by:
  7. You have just gotten your cat spayed or neutered. On returning home, your kitty:
  8. A new puppy has been added to the family. Your kitty:
  9. It's dinner time and you are five minutes late with the bowl, kitty lets you know by:
  10. Your kitty lets you know it's snuggle-time by:

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Quiz topic: What kind of human companion would my kitty be?