Which Doctor Who Companion Are You?

The Doctor needs his companions. Have you ever wondered which companion you are most like? Well, find out which Doctor Who companion you are starting with companions from the 2005 reboot!

Are you Rose? Donna? Martha? Amy? Rory? Clara? Each companion has a unique personality -- just like you! Take this quiz and find out who you are most like!

Created by: Jane
  1. You're surrounded by living store mannequins! Suddenly, a strange man grabs your hand and whispers "Run!" What do you do?
  2. How would you describe your fashion?
  3. Romantically, how do you feel about the Doctor?
  4. Out of all of space and time, anything that ever was or very will be, where would you start?
  5. You can usually find me...
  6. Your favorite thing to eat or drink is...
  7. Who would you most like to visit in the past?
  8. How do you prefer your hair?
  9. Pick an animal...
  10. Favorite doctor?

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Quiz topic: Which Doctor Who Companion am I?