Which Doctor Who Companion Are You?

Hallo! I have to write a fricking description of my quiz? How stupid is that? Okay, let's get started. Ever wanted to know which Doctor Who companion you were?

No? TOO BAD! HERE'S A QUIZ, NOW TAKE IT! So, welcome to the quiz, and enjoy! 12 questions, and you can find out just which companion you are! You're welcome!

Created by: Jo
  1. What would you do if you were surrounded by Daleks?
  2. How would you dress while traveling?
  3. Which Doctor would you hope to travel with?
  4. How often would you come home?
  5. Describe yourself
  6. Would you bring anyone along?
  7. What if you had to kill yourself so that the doctor could live?
  8. What if the Doctor had you leave?
  9. Which alien would you like to meet most?
  10. The Doctor is now in your front yard depending on your answers!

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Quiz topic: Which Doctor Who Companion am I?