Which Doctor Who Companion Are You :3?

I first started watching doctor who when I was five and re watched it when I was ten and eleven. I once again became obsessed and in love with Doctor Who once again. I decided to make this quiz for fun for you to find out what companion you are!

WARNING: This is my first quiz, hope you liked it! This quiz contains Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, River Song-Melody Pond, Amelia Pond, Rory Williams, and Clara Oswald. WARNING: Spoilers ;D (if you have not watched up to the end of Clara and eleven beware)

Created by: Milliecat
  1. 1) What is your favorite food?
  2. 2) What flower describes you most :D? (Sorry I'm obsessed with face icons :) )
  3. 3) What color describes you most?
  4. 4) What is your favorite companion title?
  5. 5) What is your favorite Doctor nickname
  6. 6) What is your favorite planet?
  7. 7) Do you like time or space episodes more?
  8. 8) What is your favorite quote? (this all belongs to Doctor Who)
  9. 9) What is your favorite Doctor Who word?
  10. 10) (YAY 10 ;D) What is your favorite episode? (You may notice there are nine answers because I wanted nine to be involved too!)
  11. 11) What is the saddest parting? (You'll notice I did Clara's beginning. That is because I have not yet gotten to her parting and when they first meet it is sad to).
  12. 11) What is your job-dream job? (You don't have to count the befores if you don't want).
  13. 13) Who is your favorite historian?
  14. 13) (LAST QUESTION) (I decided to stop at 13 because this is the doctor we are on in 2019) Who is your favorite?
  15. BONUS: (This will not effect your score) How did you like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Doctor Who Companion am I :3?