~Warrior cat love story~ Part one(she-cats only)

So this is my very first quiz so I did not try and right now everything hurts but I do hope you like tell me if I should keep making this quiz or try something different.

Do you love Silverheart,Crowclaw or you are just not ready for a mate your the most beautiful cat in Moonclan. Other cats come to you for happiness and comfort.

Created by: CrystalFrost

  1. You were just made a warrior and two toms come over to you one that looks like a snow tiger named Silverheart and a black one named Crowclaw," Hi Moltedfur," said the toms.
  2. What ever you choose you walk over to your nest. Silverheart curled up in the nest next to you. In your sleep who do you think about.
  3. When you wake up Crowclaw is watching you from behind. You walk out of the den and the deputy tells you to go hunting with Crowclaw and Silverheart.
  4. As you hunt Crowclaw says they should split up to get more prey. Who do you want to go with?
  5. You end up going with Silverheart. He entwined his tail with yours," Moltedfur can I tell you something?"
  6. Even if you said no he said ether way," I love you." He said
  7. You finally get back to camp and you caught two plump rabbits and one mouse.who do you want to share a mouse with?
  8. Crowclaw came up to you and started to pester you. As you go to you nest you colapse and the last thing you see is Crowclaw ducking under you.
  9. It took you three days to wake up when you open your eyes you see Silverheart yelling at Crowclaw,"YOU PROBABLY KILLED HER WHAT IF SHE NEVER WAKES UP AGAIN," Crowclaw cowered to the ground."Please stop," I whispered."Oh sorry Moltedfur,"said Silverheart,"wait-""your up,"said Crowclaw and nuzzles you.
  10. Silverheart stops yelling and they both leave you alone to sleep.
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!! should I make a number two?

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