Warrior Cats Love story (She-cat character) Part 3A

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This is only if you picked Frostfoot as your mate! check Part 3B for the Sunstorm mate and Part 3C for Boneclaw as a mate. hope you like it! and have fun

This is one of the many ones i hope to have and please give me feedback it helps me make these better and make more of these sorry if the others aren't out yet

Created by: Grapejuice
  1. 3 more moons passed and it was time for your kits to come you heaved and the last kit slid out. you looked down to see 2 she-kits and one tom. at that moment Frostfoot came in he settled down next to you careful of the kits and sighed he murmured to you "their perfect just like you! what should we call them?" you thought of this then said "the first she-kit the one with the white pelt and grey speckles can be called rainkit the other she kit the one with the black pelt and white specks can be Nightkit and you can name the tom." Frostfoot though of this looking at the tom with his greyish blue pelt and amber eyes then said "Snowkit. in honor of his mother." you
  2. The next day you find a wood mouse your favorite prey next to you. you sniff it. you wrinkle your nose it smells weird. cutting it open you notice a thin layer of green spit. upon closer inspection you see that its snake poison! gasping you call Frostfoot when he comes in you tell him of what happened. His eyes grew to slits and he tells you that he will talk to the clan leader. he also tells you that if he finds the piece of fox dung who did this he will personally kill them. you
  3. AS the days passed your kits grew older thankfully you never saw another poisoning or any more danger towards you and your kits. Then one day as you where playing outside with your kits. a shadow fell upon your kits. you look up to see x____x. He pounces on one of your kits.Snowkit. He pins the kit down claws out and he says "Be my mate or else these kits will never be safe." from the corner of your eye you see Frostfoot creeping up behind x______x you
  4. Frostfoot leaps out at x______x he kills him immediately, you quickly rush forward and take snowkit. gathering the rest of your kits you take them back to your den. A little while later Frostfoot comes in he lays down next to you and tells you what happened "he's dead gone you won't have to deal with him again. I already explained everything to the clan leader." you
  5. 3 more moons pass and now your kits have become apprentices you and Frostfoot are so proud and happy! you
  6. The next day you wake up lying next to Frostfoot in the warriors den. he tells you to follow him he wants to show you something you
  7. Finally you reach a small clearing the river flows smoothly through it willow trees bend over hiding them from view. he sits down and you rest your head on his shoulder your tails twine together and you peacefully stare of at the rising sun it's reflection glistening brightly in the river
  8. Yep this is the end of This path! So sweet! i hope you enjoyed this!
  9. I have many others as well please check them out hope you enjoyed
  10. now imagine this two cats silhouetted one resting her head on the other cat their tails twined a river floating in front of them the sun rising and a white banner saying THE End

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