Warrior Cats Love Story ~ Part 1

~ For She-Cats Only ~ Welcome to my very first quiz! I have been reading these Warrior Cats Love Stories for ages and finally decided to make my own. So here it is!

Will you fall for the goofy and kind Sunfur? The calm and skilled Floodwhisker? The strong and determined Foxtail? Or are none of these toms for you? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Gingerheart
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  1. You are walking in the forest when you feel something softly poke your side. You whip your head around, but no one is in view. You continue walking, but then another poke... and another one... and another one...
  2. Suddenly, you jolt up to see a bright orange tom peering down at you, poking you in the side. "Finally you're awake!" he teased. "I thought you would be asleep forever!" An older warrior calls over to him: "That's enough, Sunfur! (Your name) can sleep if she wants to." You watch Sunfur, the orange tom who woke you, as he hangs his head and walks away, grinning.
  3. Then, another cat pads up to you. It's Floodwhisker, a silvery blue tom with a white tail tip and paws. "Hello, (your name)," he says, his voice calm. "Do you want to eat together?"
  4. Floodwhisker grabs a plump vole out of the fresh-kill pile. "Do you want this?" he asks. "Sure," you reply. "Thank you." After grabbing a rabbit for himself, Floodwhisker settles down next to you. After you both finish, he smiles at you. "Bye, (your name)!"
  5. Cinnamontail, the Clan deputy, assigns you to go on a hunting patrol. The two cats with you are a pretty tortoiseshell she-cat named Gingerheart and a red and white tom with ice blue eyes named Foxtail.
  6. When you're out hunting, Foxtail suddenly pounces on a huge rabbit both you and Gingerheart didn't notice. "Wow!" exclaimed Gingerheart. "Nice catch!" Foxtail smiled. "No problem." He turns to look at you. "You want to share it, (your name)? We already caught enough for the Clan." Gingerheart flashes him a look of scorn.
  7. Regardless of what you said, Gingerheart snatches the rabbit from Foxtail. "Hey!" exclaims the tom. "I caught that fair and square, you little"”" He stops as Gingerheart divides the rabbit into three equal pieces. "One for you," she says as she passes a piece to you, "one for me"”" She pushes the last segment to Foxtail. "And one for you, mouse-brain." She nuzzles the tom.
  8. "(Your name)? Is that you?" It's Sunfur! The bright orange tom and his hunting patrol wander into the clearing where you just finished the fat rabbit. As they get closer, you can see that the hunting patrol has Floodwhisker and a cat named Snakeheart as well as Sunfur. You've never really trusted Snakeheart. "Hi, (your name), Gingerheart. Greetings, Foxtail." Floodwhisker stepped forward. Mind if our patrol hunts with you?" "Sure," you reply.
  9. It turns out your 6-cat patrol is extra effective, because you catch enough prey for the entire Clan! Sunfur is chattering away, except when he spots some prey. Then he is completely silent. Floodwhisker is straying from the group to get some quiet, then always returning with fresh-kill in his jaws. And Foxtail is leaping for birds and pouncing on rabbits nonstop. Gingerheart sighs. "(Your name)? What do you think about... Foxtail?" she asks.
  10. No matter what you said, Gingerheart sighs dreamily. "He's so sweet, isn't he? And such handsome eyes!" You stare at her as she goes on. "He always puts the Clan first... and..." Foxtail leaps out of the bushes. "Who, now?" he demands. "If you're gossiping about me, I'll... I'll... I'll turn you into crow-food!" You stay there, frozen in horror. But not because of Foxtail. A huge beast is lumbering out of the bushes. It is followed by many more of its kind. In front of you is a giant group of badgers!
  11. And then...
  12. Suddenly...

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