Warrior Cat Love Story Part 1

In this quiz you are an Eclipseclan she-cat apprentice who has to find out who her true love is. Either it'll be the sweet and caring Bearpaw, the strong Badgerpaw, the mysterious Vemonpaw, the confident Redfang, the clumsy Greywhisker, or the Oceanclan cat Pebblepaw, Find out in this part 2 warrior cat love story quiz.

Welcome to my part 2 of my warrior cat love story. If you have not taken Part 1 I suggest taking it or you'll probably be confused. I tried to put a link for it in here but that didn't work, sorry.

Created by: Breezeshade

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  1. Welcome to my quiz.This is my first quiz so I i apologize for any mistakes i make. Anyway so if you ever see these -> * * with words then that means what you are thinking I'm pretty sure that's all for the intro so enjoy. :3
  2. You open your eyes and see a somewhat large she-cat staring down at you with unusual icy blue eyes. "She opened her eyes,I told you that she would if you gave her time, Ferntail." You see another she-cat nearby with 1 little she-kit curled up by her belly. " Well my kit who was born after your 2 opened her eyes before ". You see your mother roll her eyes and then hear an annoyed mew " NOW can we go outside, pleaseeee." " Wait for your sister to wake up a little Sugarkit." " Fine." Sugarkit said as she padded over to you and started prodding your back with her paw." Get up ." She meowed repeatedly. You react by..
  3. Whatever you chose you began to pad outside when you hear someone call you " Hey!" You look around and see 3 tom-kits, running towards you, one of them was a white and black spotted cat with green eyes. Another one, the one who called out, was a tan tom with black stripes and bright amber eyes. The other one was an all black tom with blue eyes, he was moving slower then the others and didn't seem to be happy at all. " Could we play with you?" The tan tom meowed. " Oh by the way, I'm Bearkit, this is Badgerkit," he pointed his tail to the white and black spotted tom. " And.. er this is Vemonkit.. he doesn't talk much." " Sure you can." Sugarkit mewed happily. You all pad outside, your thoughts are..
  4. "How about we play some moss ball, we can make teams." Bearkit said. " How can we make equal teams with 5 cats mousebrain." Badgerkit replied. " We can split a cat in half." Vemonkit meowed darkly. " Uhh how about we not..." Sugarkit said wide eyed. " We could get an apprentice or someone else." You mew. " Good idea Echokit, I'll go get someone" Sugarkit mewed and ran off. ~Timelaps~ "Ok i got someone " Sugarkit yelled out as she padded over with an apprentice padding after her. "Finally i was about to die of boredom" Badgerkit sighed. " This is Mosspaw" Sugarkit meowed as she pointed her tail at the apprentice. " Thanks for getting me away from gathering moss " Mosspaw mewed happily. Mosspaw was a long-legged light tanish shecat with one white ear and right forepaw. " Ok lets teams up " Bearkit mewed as everyone went over to get a partner. You chose
  5. ~Timelaps~ You and Sugarkit have reached 6 moons and are ready to become apprentice, with Bearkit, Badgerkit, and Vemonkit. "Finally I can't wait to become an apprentice I'll catch the most prey any warrior had done!!" Bearkit meowed happily has he bounced around the nursery. "Calm down Bearkit," Hissed their mother, Leafwhsier, then she meowed more gently " You want to look your best." " No you want ME to look my best," Bearkit argued. Icegaze ( thats your mother) and Leafwhisker they ceremony is about to start." A tortoiseshell shecat meowed as she poked her head in the nursery." Ok thankyou Breezeshade we're ready, lets go." Your mother said as she rose to her paws. Everyone padded out of the nursery. Badgerkit padded to you and meowed " Im nervous but exicted." " Don't worry you'll do great, at least we are all becoming apprenticed together right?" You replied calmly. You went and sat close to
  6. ~Timelaps~ Your mentor, Redfang who is a tom with reddish fur and a long scar down his face, padded over to you "We're going to take tour of the territory then we're going to have a quick battle practice with the other apprentices and mentors." "OK." You reply. As the two of you pad off a tom runs into you knocking you over. "Sorry!!" He said licking his chest for in embarrassment. You look at him, he's a grey cat with white stripes and blue eyes.
  7. After that you went and Redfang showed you around."Over there is Lightclan." He pointed his tail over to where there were a lot of trees blocking the sunlight of the forest floor. "And.. over there is Gustclan, we don't get well together we saw a patrol hunting on our territory and they accuse US of stealing prey." He narrowed his eyes, I won't be surprised if a battle breaks out." You begin to have a worried look on your face. He noticed it, " Don't worry Echopaw, I'll make sure you get enough battle practice." You go over to the borders of Oceanclan and then head over to the battle area. "Finally you two got here, we were going to start without you." That's Amberfur, Badgerpaw's mentor. "Well maybe we should have taken my idea and done the tour together so it would be quicker and-." He was cut off by Vemonpaw's mentor, Duskmoon, " Lets just get the training over ok, without auguring." She glared at Redfang and Amberfur. "Now pick a partner." You picked
  8. Whoever you chose you, you both got into a crouch and ready to fight. "Begin!" Yowled Redfang. You sprang at whoever you chose and began your battle. You lept at him but he dodged easily, " You have to get quicker then that Echopaw!" Redfang yowled out encouraging. Bear/Badger/Vemonpaw pinned you down and you kicked his under belly pushing him off. "Good move". Redfang meowed approvingly. ~Timelaps~ "Goodjob everyone." Bearpaw's mentor Crowtooth meowed. After that you all began to walk back to camp. You chose to walk with
  9. As you walk back to clan's camp you hear a bark and a cat's yowl. "What was that..?"You questioned worriedly. "Fox," growls Amberfur. "Come on!" She hissed and turned to where the yowl had came from. When you arrived you saw 4 foxes and a glimpse of fox cubs in a corner begin protected by one of the foxes. Redfang yowled and threw himself ontop of a fox digging his teeth in its neck. You froze, you just became an apprentice and now you have to fight off foxes! You shrug it off and join in the battle you glance at Amberfur and see her padding off with a cat laying against her shoulder you notice the cat, Lightwhisker the deputy she has a large bite wound on her neck and her eyes are close but you see that shes still walking somewhat. You battle with
  10. As you fight the foxes you hear another cat's yowl you turn and see a limp tan body with blood soaked fur. You pad close and recognize the body Bearpaw. After that everything just froze and hear the others calling your name, you shook your head and shall Redfang glaring at you. "Help me carry him." You carrying him off right now your thinking
  11. Welp thats it for now, hope you enjoyed and before you say anything if you didn't like any of the toms i had, i forgot to put the result for casual T^T yes I'm forgetful sorry about that, but yea cya

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