indian vampire and human love story part 4

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Created by: Siddhi

  1. We continue to Abhay telling you to go from there and you go.Next day you come to drama club and Abhay comes late and everyone starts there practice (as he is selected for the role of romeo) Misha is struck in traffic and because of that she cant give balcony and Kabir tells that he have a balcony and he will give them .While climbing up on balcony you say to Kabir"your balcony is shaky"Kabir says"don't worry if you will fall down i will catch you".Practice starts and Abhay tells his line and you see him with dreamy eyes and Abhay reminds you that you forgot your lines again.When your going to tell your lines you fall down from balcony and before Kabir would catch you Abhay catchs you and you think
  2. Next morning Abhay's dad and mom Chand and Haseena tells him "_____ is a big trouble for us and now we are living this place going somewhere else.Listening this Abhay gets heartbroken and thinks"why i am feeling bad for leaving this place?Is this because i would leave _____ also.Then Abhay comes to you and tell you to take care of yourself as he will be not their for you and he bids a bye to you and you are confuse with his change of behaviour and you think
  3. When you go to Abhay's house and you get to know that he has left the city and you are heartbroken and when Abhay sends you a message to meet him in forest you go to forest but a fast car comes and hit you and Kabir sees this and carry you to hospital and your friends come there.The docter tells that your condition is serious.On other side Abhay senses it that you are in the hospital because of a accident and he tell you through his heart"_____ i will make you alright i am coming _____ there,no scratch will left in your body and Abhay comes to the hospital unnoticable and says in mind"_____ i have come now ,now you will be alright" he sits beside you and he kiss you on your forehead where you have got hurt and makes it alright with no marks left,he kiss your injured hand and he take out the oxygen mask and kiss you on your lips and he reads the reading of heartbeat machine and thinks"now you are alright i have to leave but i am always there for you"and he goes from there and you wake up aftersometimes and think
  4. Misha entre in the room and tells you that you live with her at her house and you agree.At evening you get discharge and Misha you home with her.And you come to know that Misha's father is your father who left you and your mother when she was ill and you give a excuse to Misha that you have some work and go to forest crying and you get hit a tree amd your head starts bleeding it and you get unconsious.Abhay senses it and comes running of the speed of wind.And when he sees you are bleeding he gets thirsty and his fangs comes out and his eyes becomes blue in colour and when he is going to bite you he tells to himself"Abhay you can't bite her she is your love,you have to control your beast you have to control"and he controls his inside vampire and makes you alright but your blood gets cold and pleads you to get up and he remember his dad Chand's word that vampire haves cold blood but they can make other blood warmer.Then Abhay take outs his jacket and puts on you and he unbutton his shirt and puts on you and gets shirtless.He makes stand and supports you.He hugs you very tightily and tells you"get up ____ i will not let you happen anything.For you i can control my beast.Get up,get up.You get up and think
  5. Whatever you tell,next day yougo to college to give interview for job and when you see Abhay you say his name and he tells "now what problem you have,i can't help you always"tears come from your eyes and you think
  6. Abhay thinks "iam sorry _____ if you will go for interview everything would get destroy because the boss of company is my vampire brother Siddharth and if he will see,he will make you a bad vampire like him and i will not let it happen"and he goes from there.Next day at gym class a new mam comes and Abhay is not there in class and mam tells you to call Abhay and you reach at classroom and see Abhay sitting alone you tell him to come but he tells "i can't come because i am hiding a big scret from everyone if i will go to gym my scret will not be scret"you go from there and think
  7. At the gym mam tells Abhay to do 100 pushups but he give the excuse of handpain and mam gives him a spray and goes from Kabir laughs on Abhay for giving girly excuse and tells what he will do in basket ball match and gives challenge of practice match and Kabir agrees.You think
  8. In basketball court Abhay wins the match and Kabir has a ego hurt.Next day you decide to know Abhay truth and you,where Abhay's first love and he and his brother were in the fire and you put your life in danger by again reapiting the historh of 200 ago and you realise that fire is outof control and you scream for help and Abhay comes there to save you but he gets struct under a pillar and he decides to show you his real avater and take out his fangs and comes near you and take you out off the fire and gets into human avater you do
  9. You run from there and shout for help and Abhay kneel downs and shout "noooooo"and hits the tree with his hands and tree falss down and he think "_____ this was your love,this!I was knowing it that if you will know my truth that i am a vampire you will hate me,you will hate me,i was knowing"he shouts you think
  10. Sorry but just this much but please rate and comment the quiz i will make part 5 also

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