indian vampire and human love story part3

This quiz is about love and this love is between a vampire and human.The vampire always saves the human but not allow her to come mear him because he thinks he would hurt her.

This quiz will tell you that how hearty you are and how much knowledge of love you have and also you will know your heart power.Goodluck for the quiz.

Created by: Siddhi

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  1. You go under a tree crying and suddenly branch falls down but before the branch hits you Abhay saves you and you ask him
  2. Abhay tells "come i will leave you to hostel" you tell you don't want his help and you hate him and you go to
  3. Wherever you go next morning you come to college and sports teacher tells you that you have to do cheerleading and you agree and when you are climbing you see Abhay and you loose your balance and fall down and you get hurt on your leg and sports teacher tells Abhay to take you to medical room and Abhay carries you in his arm and you think
  4. Whatever you think Abhay answers your mind talk and say in mind " because i don't want you to get in trouble" aftersometimes Abhay and you gets into medical room and Abhay puts you on bed and goes but mistakely his violet falls down and when pick up the violet you see photo of yours in violet but the differences is that your hairs are curly and in photo hairs are striaght and you think
  5. At night you straigt your hair and think "lets see how you behave when you see my new hairstyle".Next morning you wear a scarf and come in front of Abhay and Abhay asks "____ what you want now?" You remove Your scarf and see Abhay's stunned face and you show him the photo of girl and give him and go from there Abhay thinks "you look very similar to Maithili (Abhay's human life love) you go to locker room which is fully destroyed and think that how did Abhay broke the wall and Abhay comes there and catches your arms hardely you tell him
  6. Whatever you tell Abhay tells "is it paining" you nod your head,Abhay tells"it should pain because i am darkness in which you will get lost and you will not able to find yourself,i am fire if you come near me you will get burnt,if you come near me i will break your heart because i don't have a heart"he catches your hand and put on his heart and tell "see i don't have a heart" and he goes from there you think
  7. Misha come there and tell you "to whom my sister Panchi is engaged,he is a big cheater as he is father of Maya's baby and she is pregnent"you tell
  8. You have wear balley dancers dress and you think "Danish in your bachelor party you will get the punishment of cheating on Panchi" and you go from there and Abhay comes from front and senses you in balley dancers dress and he tells"i was not knowing that you are that type of girl" you slap Abhay and he shouts "Maithili" and you go from there.You take Panchi to bachelor party and Panchi sees the conservation between Maya and Danish and she slaps him amd goes from there and in meanwhile police also comes there and Danish tells you "you destroy my life i will kill you"he takes out a knife and goes to stab you but Abhay catches the knife and his hand badly gets injured and he goes from there and police arrests Danish you think
  9. You go to Abhay and see him sitting in front of a grave and he goes from there and you take of the dust and see that the name on grave is written Maithili you remember when you slaped Abhay he shouted Maithili and suddenly Abhay come and ask you"what are you doing here,why cant you leave me alone"you tell"i want to know what you are hiding from everyone and why are you carring my photo in your pocket" Abhay tells "this is not your photo this is Maithili's photo and your face resembles to Maithili's face now go from here (he shouts)"and you go from there you think
  10. Sorry but just this much but if you will rate and comment this quiz i will make part 4 more interesting.

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