Can you survive a Vampire Apocalypse?

What if the night suddenly became a terror? What if deathly pale men and women stalked the midnight hour, seeking human prey? What if they organized and sought to overthrow human rule and drag the world down into eternal night? WOULD YOU SURVIVE?

Do you think that you know how to survive a vampire onslaught? Are you prepared to find the way to kill these undead fiends for the last time? Can you resist the vampire's seduction? Do you really have a preference?

Created by: Dawn
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  1. Can vampires survive in sunlight?
  2. Are vampires affected by garlic?
  3. Must vampires sleep in coffins?
  4. Do vampires cast reflections in mirrors?
  5. Are vampires threatened by religious implements (crucifixes, bibles, holy water)?
  6. What are the early signs of impending vampirism?
  7. What do vampires typically wear?
  8. Where do vampires typically "live"?
  9. What kinds of cars do vampires drive?
  10. How would you hide from a vampire?
  11. How do you kill a vampire?
  12. How would you respond if the master vampire approached you with outstretched hand and intoned "All you are is mine and all I am is yours"?
  13. Can vampires have biological children?

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Quiz topic: Can I survive a Vampire Apocalypse?