Are you a Vampire?

There are a secret species of bloodsucking creatures that walk among the human race. They may not know whether they are part of this secret society or not....

Are YOU a vampire? take this quiz to reveal your true nature and reunite you with you long, lost vampire brothers and sisters. Or reassure you that you are completely human, and have no need to turn to bloodsucking.

Created by: amazon
  1. Have you ever tasted blood?
  2. What did it taste like? If you answered "no" click other.
  3. What is your skin type?
  4. Do you have a slight point to your canine teeth?
  5. Do you feel good when you are in control of a situation?
  6. Do you stare at yourself in the mirror often?
  7. Onions?
  8. Are you sensitive to sunlight?
  9. Are you a christian?
  10. Do you hate people?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Vampire?