I Know Your Secret pt.14

Welcome to part fourteen of I Know Your Secret.I've been busy(duh:P)but at least I released it now:)In this part,you'll learn more about the guy that you saw in the beach and why he keeps staring at and following you.Also check out Falling Feathers if you don't already.The next part will be out by Friday:)

RECAP:You and Falcon went bowling,having fun and chilling.After that,both of you went to the beach to watch the sunset and he tells you a little about himself,having less days to rleax .He then says that both of you had to go back and when he helps you stand up,you asked,"Is nice isn't it?" and he nodded and replied with,"Like you." Suddenly,he started to lean in:)

Created by: rvelez
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  1. Our lips touched,a minty taste between them.I felt his hand land on my hips but soon snaked around my waist,pulling me close so our chest would touched.I wrapped my arms around his neck not letting go or backing away .The kiss made me feel...light like I was walking on air,and different...I didn't know if it was a good or a bad different but I continued kissing him,not wanting end the kiss...
  2. The feeling faded away as soon as Falcon pulled away.His eyes were still icy.He let go of me,his eyes still on mine and as for me...I couldn't let go for some reason.I felt glued to him and I didn't know why.
  3. Falcon stared back at me,pressing his lips together tightly.I finally let go but my eyes didn't leave his.He looked down breaking eye contact. "We need to head back."he muttered.I nodded and we both walked toward Canada's.The walk back was dead quiet and I didn't mind that.I was tired anyways.
  4. By the time we got there,it was dark.Falcon open the door,letting me enter first.The first thing I saw was Canada tickling Ray on the couch,she on top.I rolled my eyes and went in the kitchen.Avery was sitting on the counters thinking of something.His eyes shifted toward me. "Hey,Avery.Whats up?"I said grabbing a soda from the fridge. Avery shrugged and hop down. "Where were you and Falcon?" I gulp down the soda as slowly as I can,not wanting to anwser the question.Avery walked up to me and took the soda away from me.He raised his eyebrows waitong for me to reply. "We just went bowling,nothing else."I lied.Avery cock an eyebrow and tilted his head a little. "Oh.For the whole day?" I nodded taking my drink back.He thought of something and he was about to say something but instead,he stole my drink once again and took a sip.I laughed as he set it down. "We're having a meeting in a few minutes in the living room.Its important so be there."He winked and walked out.
  5. I walked out and found Canada glaring at me.She rolled her eyes and followed Avery down the halls. "What an idiot."I muttered.Ray sat up and looked at me. "Where's the rest of the guys?"I asked.Ray shrugged and stood up. "I'M right here."Artie said emerging from the long black curtains. "Why were you hiding?"I joked. Artie shook his head. "Thinking where my stone can be.Looking out the window helps."he replied taking a seat.I sat down by him."We have a meeting right?"I asked,trying to get him to talk more. He nodded and kicked his feet up on the coffietable.
  6. "Why are you queit?"I laughed.Artie looked at me.His gray eyes didn't show any kind of emotion. "Define quiet."He muttered.I sighed and the rest of the team came in,sitting down.My eyes scan the room for Jody but he wasn't here.Avery stood up."As you can see,we have a problem."
  7. Falcon sat on the floor,crisscross."Is it about THEM?"he mutterd.Avery nodded. I stood up quickly. "What do you mean THEM? I FACED Falcon."Was it that guy we saw at the beach?The one that went in the water?" Falcon facepalm and everyone except Artie and Avery ooed. "You to went to the beach?How romantic."Mars laughed.Ray slapped him to shut up.I felt Avery and Artie's eyes on me.Artie got up. "May I be excused?" Avery nodded and Artie stormed away.Charmy got up and sat where he satted,"Whats wrong with him?" I ignored Charmy and glued my gaze at those icy eyes. "Yes,_____."he uttered.
  8. "What wait?You two went to the beach?!"Avery yelled.Falcon nodded slowly and look down at his feet.Avery's eyes went blazing fire like that time when I saw him training.I glanced back at the others. "What's wrong with going to the beach?" Avery sat down frustrated.Remy stood up. "I'll explain."she glanced at Avery who was calming himself down,his eyes close. "There are angels out here looking over us and they are upset because we lost the stones."she continue. "Why are they upset?"I asked.Remy cleared her throat.
  9. "Because now they have to help us search the stones and that is what they hate.There are four main angels.They are the most important of all."she finished.She glanced at Falcon."Which of those main four did you two saw?"she asked.Falcon didn't looked up but he finally muttered,"Sterling." Mars stood up."Him?What do he want?!"his face turned red with anger.Charmy pulled him down and calmed him down.Avery open his eyes. "What did he say?" "He didn't say anything.He was just staring at the three of us then he dissappeared in the water." Avery stood up."By 'three of us',you mean Chance was being spotted too?" I nodded and glanced down at Falcon,who had his face buried in his hands.I faced Avery again. "So now what?" Avery sighed."We have to find those stones so they wouldn't tell Lucarus." I furrow my brows."Lucarus?" Avery nodded."He's the king Angel and the daughter of the priness Starry Filts." I nodded,taking everything in.Mars got up again."____,we took your map with us but there was no stone."
  10. I gave him a confused look.Was the map fake?Did Flake trick me into believing he knew where the stones were?I shook the thoughts out of my head."Um,can I see the map?" Mars nodded grabbing the map from the counter and handed it to me.I open the map,confusion covering my face.The map was empty.Nothing was on it.Not even a mark of pencil. "Are you sure this is the map?"I asked.Mars nodded. "Whats wrong _____?Who gave you the map?"Avery asked,worried.I didn't know weither to tell them but did Flake tell me to keep it a secret?I finally chose not to tell them."Um,I just-" Ray jump up and down by the window.He signal to come over there and we did.There out the window,in the dark,was the guy.He stood there for a sec. and then he vanished.
  11. "STERLING!!"Avery yelled running outside and yelling at the sky. I felt my necklace heat up and changed into the color blue. "Where did you get that necklace?Avery was going to give you one EXACTLY like that one."Remy pointed out touching the necklace. "Uh,I found it in one of the rooms at your house."I lied.She made a confused face but shrugged it out.I glanced back out the window.Avery was going to give me the necklace?Could it be the same one?If it is,then Flake must've stolen it and gave it to me before Avery had the chance to.
  12. I faced Remy again."Where's Jody?" She shrugged."I don't know.He went somewhere as soon as we came back from the stone hunt." Falcon pushed through us."I think I know where is he."
  13. ***CLIFFHANGER HAHAHAHAH>:) bad cliffhanger and I know its short but the next part will be long.Don't trust me?Well find outXDAlso,in some of the results,it says syat tuned for part 14.It's supposed to say 15 XD. Who do you like?

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