I Know Your Secret pt. 20

Welcome to part twenty of I Know Your Secret. I'm sorry I took long but I've been distracted. I'll try my best to do better. This isn't as long as I wanted it but I didn't wanted y'all to wait any longer. Hope you enjoy!~ :3

RECAP: You, Artie and Jody sneaked out to go to Sol's with the others not knowing. You decided to fly with Artie so you did and you passed his confort zone. (you get to know him a bit better.) He gets upset and both of you end up kissing.

Created by: rvelez
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  1. The kiss wasn't long at all but it wasn't short. He pulled away, quickly facing the moon. I shifted my eyes away as well. I could feel the awkwardness we both created.
  2. "We're almost there." He mutttered. I nodded, closing my eyes. I can't believe this is happening. Not just what happened. But the whole thing. I got to admit, I kinda miss my drunk, dumb dad. And of course, my friends, Lillian and Cole... I now wonder if I'll ever see them again. We're not even close to finding all the stones, so it's going to take forever..
  3. "We're here." He muttered, landing. He set me down and I slowly looked up at the mansion up ahead. "Woah.." I whispered. Artie motioned me to follow close behind and I did. He step on the steps and then finally knocked on the door. A old lady anwsered the door and as soon as she saw Artie, she quickly tried to slam the door but Artie also quickly stick his foot between. "Don't even try." He growled. "Where's Sol?"
  4. She gasped and backed away, triping and falling. "H-he's not h-here." She shudder and she grew pale. Artie opened the door wider so I can come in as well. "Stop lying. I'm not here to play any of your games, witch." She raised an eyebrow, amazed. "Oh really now?" She stood up.
  5. "You're a brave little b------." She glanced at me then back at him and a nasty smile curve on her lips. "If you want to see him, then you have to follow me."
  6. I pulled on Artie's sleeve. "Well?" He blinked, Don't trust a witch. Am I clear? I gave him a small nod. "My name is Night." She smirked turning around and motioning us to follow.
  7. We walked down the halls. It was confusing. I felt like I was in a maze, actually. "How are we going to get out of here?" Artie looked around. "Don't worry. I know how." I felt someone walking behind us and I was a nit afraid to look back. "It's just Jody, _____."
  8. She finally lead us to a room. There stood a man with blazing yellow eyes and golden long hair that reached his shoulders. He was glowing a light glow like the sun gives out and his skin was white but rich. "Oy. Vistors..." He muttered shifting in his large rolling chair. "Why?" Artie came forth. "The stones. You sent them off didn't you?" It was more like a statement than a question and I noticed Artie sewating and fidgeting.
  9. Sol laughed loudly. "This is a joke, eh?" He finally stood up and stretched. "No." Artie growled. Sol chuckled motioning Night to come. "Go give our guest some drinks, will you?" Night nodded and walked out the room. "Listen before I baked your bones, water prince. I have nothing to do with the stones. That's not my problem."
  10. "Don't even try." Artie scold but Sol sway his head side to side in a mocking way. "Alright then. I guess you wasted you time here." He gazed at Jody's necklace. "Heh. Still have those? Nice. I guess you all have the same stupity as humans." Jody looked down at his necklace and softly asked, "What do you mean?" Sol smirked as Night came back in. Sol handed us our drinks but Artie smashed the glass with his bare hands, blood and the drink trickling down his hand. "I. Am. Not. Stupid."
  11. Sol raised an eyebrow. "Nice." Jody snatched his necklace off. "What are you talking about? What about these?" Sol faced him and muttered, "Do you know who made those necklaces? The necklaces that gives you 'power'? Sterling. He was in charge of the making. Too bad that Lucarus trusted him." Artie yanked his necklace off then reached for mine but Sol grabbed his arm, twisting it behind his back. "You actually thought I had something to do with this mess but I don't."
  12. "For that, I'm going to make you suffer." He let go quickly and Night stabbed my arm with a needle fill with a green substances. I let out a yelp and everything went black.
  13. CLIFFHANGER!!! JK. JK. It's not over. xD
  14. *Artie POV* "_____!" She clasped hitting the ground hard. Jody grabbed Night getting ready to strangle her but she quickly disappeared into dust. "You idiot!" He yelled. His eyes were a dark dead blue and he fell on his knees, running his fingers through his hair. Sol chuckled. "I'm not done yet. Do anything stupid and she really dies. Follow me. Both of you."
  15. "What about her?!" Jody yelled. A man came in with another women. Sol nodded to them. "They will be here with her." "I don't trust you." I growled and he snapped his eyes on me. "Now why would I kill the new stonekeeper, huh? They would sentence me to death and we don't want tha do we?" He turned around and Jody and I followed.
  16. We entered a round room. The whole thing was like a huge window. I looked out and noticed a small glow on the horizon. "What time is it?" I asked. Sol pour himself some wine and shrugged. "Around five. This won't take long." I sighed and wrapped my bloody hand. "About the necklaces," Sol started, taking a sip. "Sterling made it so that it would repel the stones, the main reason why the stones are gone."
  17. My jaw dropped and Jody looked away. "He tricked you into thinking that those necklaces gave you all the power you needed but they don't. None of you have a necklace but _____. That necklace she's wearing is the real thing. Who gave her the necklace?" I shrugged and glanced at Jody but all he did was open his mouth, then close it shaking his head in responce.
  18. "I did." Flake said, standing at the doorway. Sol raised his eyebrows, amazed. "White? As in the angel who everybody thinks doesn't belong here? My, my. They underestamated you, White." Flake glanced at me then back at Sol. "Yes."
  19. I sighed. "I apologize. I was wrong about you, Flake." He grin and shrugged. "A lot of people were." Jody faced away, crossing his arms. "I guess he still hate me." Flake whispered.
  20. "He'll get over it." I waved my hand dismissing it. "What about _____? Is she going to be okay?" Flake asked, worried. Sol nodded. "Night put her to sleep. Might take long for her to wake up but she's okay." I sighed in relief.
  21. "You know, y'll aren't going to get snything done. It's better to just split into two groups. One searching for a stone, and the other searching the other stone." Sol added. I took a deep breath. "That's what I'm trying to do." "I'll love to help but Lucarus doesn't want me helping. Good luck." He pointed to the door and we all went out. I stopped and grabbed the doorknob. "Thanks, Sol." He smiled. "No problem."
  22. The man lead us out. Jody had _____ in his arms and Flake was just staring at him. I cleared my throat. "Well, lets get going." Jody nodded and he gave me _____. "My wings are still a bit weak and I don't want her with him." He tilted his head toward Flake who was staring into the pool. "Give him another chance, Jody." I whispered. Jody frowned, turned around muttering, "You wish, water boy." and took off into the sky.
  23. *Flake's POV* I pretended to be distracted. So that's how he wants it to be. I kicked the water almost falling in. "Shoot." "Watch it." Artie said. "Lets go." I nodded and we both flew off. Jody was a bit slow so I caught up with him while Artie was already up ahead. I cleared my throat, trying to get his attention but all he did was shun me. "So... Excited? You're stone is next." "Stop." He growled. I made a face, "Excuse me?" "Stop! Stop trying to converse with me!" "Look, why can't we jus-" "No! You always hated fallen angels!" Jody yelled. I glared at him. "I don't anymore! That was then!" Jody swung at me but I quickly flew up a bit higher avoiding his blow. "Jody," I started, growing angry. "Lets put this all behind us, alright?" He scoff and pupils grew a dark bloody red. "I'll always hate you, damnit!" I growled. "Fine!" I spat. "I know your secret."

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