Which Secret of the Wings character are you?

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Sooo... I finally watched "Tinkerbell: Secret of the Wings". I guess it was okay. But there were defiantly some parts that I LOVED, so I made this quiz :D

Of coarse I didn't add all of the characters, but the results include some of the new and important ones, which are: Tinkerbell (duh!), Periwinkle, Lord Milori, Queen Clarion, Gliss, Spike, and Sled. Enjoy!

Created by: Waterwood

  1. Did you see the Secret of the Wings movie?
  2. Do you like animals?
  3. Which type of Skittles is better: Sour or Fruits?
  4. Is your hair color closer to Black or White?
  5. Oops! You dropped your phone!
  6. Do you like traveling?
  7. Which of these books is your favorite?
  8. Out of these, which word is your favorite?
  9. And finally: which is better?
  10. Okay then! Byeeee!

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Quiz topic: Which Secret of the Wings character am I?