TT: AngelsOfTheSun 1

Hi people! Welcome to TWISTED TALE#1 Descriptons: Blaze- Black hair, Teal eyes. Misty's boyfriend. Black wings. Son of Posiden grandson of Aryuson. Misty- Same as megan.

Megan&Misty in angel form: Same jewelry. Cream colred wings. Red skirts halfway to the knees and red legging. Red half shirt with flowing sleeves plus low drop back so wings can come out. Note: spell doesnt affect megan in her angel form

Created by: Mistyheart13

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  1. To make sense of AOTS, please read apollos curse and then the cursed one by daughterofapollo. Stop the cursed one at part 7. DO NOT READ PART 8! This takes place after part 7. Please turn off all electronics and enjoy the show. [All copyrights and credit are split; give half to DaughterOfApollo]
  2. I watch the cloud screen show the scene below on earth. Megan's facetwisted in pure rage, and she lunged for Lauren. As the seen continued, my sister used none of her powers. How could she? Shesped up the dying process every time she did. Daddy came to stand beside me and placed Megan's circuit sun in my hand. "Its time, Sunshine." He touched mine and kissed my forhead. I hugged him tightly. "I love you, Daddy." He reminded me what to do, wished me luck, and then i was gone.
  3. Reginition lit up Megans face when she saw me. "Misty!" She exclaimed. I smiled brightly. "Hey sis. Here." She used her circuit sun to transform, as did I. Then we finished of Lauren once and for all.
  4. We all went back to camp half-blood after me and Megan transformed back. When we got there Megan introduced me. "Hey guys, this is my twin sister Misty." Suddenly, Piper asked "If your Megan's twin, does that mean your cursed too? And where have you been all this time?" I hesitated. "Well, yeah im cursed too,but Ive been living in Olympus with my dad." "Why?" "Because they thought that if me And Megan's energy collided, we would create and explosion, killing us and everyone within a five mile radius." They gasped but nodded their heads in understanding.
  5. "Well, come on Misty. I'll show you the Apollo house." "Ok." I replied, following Megan. I turned around, saw Blaze, and sighed. "I'll be right back." I told Megan, then i ran straight into the woods. "Blaze, what the heck are you doing he-" He cut me off with a kiss. His arms circled my waist, and I wrapped mine around his neck. After a minute i pulled away. "Your Dad sent me here. Said I was driving him crazy." We both laughed. "Come on Blaze. Lets go." He picked me up and spun me in a circle. He put me down and i grabbed his hand. Then Dylan stepped into the clearing, pointing a gun at Blaze. "Misty, get away from the enemy." "No." I responded firmly. He shot the gun. "Blaze!" I yelled, pushing him out of the way.
  6. I felt thepsin rippling through me as golden blood poured from the bullet hole in my right shoulder blade. I crawled over to Blaze. "Are you ok?" I asked. "Yeah, but my question is are YOU?" That was the last thing i heard before I blacked .
  7. SUNHANGER!!! no cliffhangers in AOTS XD I will make part 2 soon!
  8. Ok i forgot to tell you megan and will won the singing contest. Okry Dokey Gotta Go Eat Some COOKIE- HEY! I HEAR A CELL PHONE!
  9. (Takes bob the clowns cell phone. Shoots with sniper rifle.) There! Now i can eats my cookies! (Eats)
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