Forever and Always pt.18

Hey guys! Sorry I took forever but I was a bit busy and my cousin is here and she helped me a bit with this. And also we are litterally going everywhere and anywho Enoy!:)

GUYS DESCRPITION: Alex: Black hair, Ocean blue eyes, tan, tall, well built, and a flirt. Nick: Dark brown hair, violet eyes, tanish-palish, tall, well built, and charming. Chris: Blond hair w/ black streaks, Hazel eys, nice tan, tall, lean but medium well built, and protective Jason: Black hair, soft green eyes, pale,lean but well built, tall, and compassionate. Cam: A bit taller then you, jet black hair, exotic green eyes(Sometimes glow) natural red lips, and you can't quite label him:)

Created by: 33iZZy18
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  1. Okay Recap: You found out Jason and Cam were brother, You don't know how to feel about Cam and Jason is acting really weird. And now you're back at home.
  2. You wake up at your usual time 6:00 in the morning. But don't get up, you can't beleive what heppend yesterday. You have no idea how you feel about Cam. Theres something that makes sooo.... UGH You have admit it. Interesting. You just lie there not moving for what think is only a few minutes is actually a few hours. You hear a knock at your door and you look at the time and it's 9:00 and you also look at yourself in the mirrior and you look like crap. "Come in!" You say not really caring if you do like it. It's Alex.
  3. When Alex walked in, the whole atmosphere immediatly lifted. You don't know why but Alex carries an aura of happiness. He looks at you and smiles, "Why don't you look lovely today." You stick your tounge out at him, and look at him to try to look for a flaw in his perfection. You look at him up and down and can't find anything. "Admiring the veiw?" He say giving a flirty smile while sitting next to you.
  4. You scoot over for him to sit down and you sit up and cross your legs. "So, whats up?" You ask. "Nothin' much, just came to say that we found the Nephrite and we're gonna leave in about a few hours." You smile and get up. "Is that all you wanted?" He smiles "For a first, yea.-"He gets up"Ima go cheak on Nick." Then he leaves. You smile but kinda dissapointed that he didn't do anything smart or cheesy. But you had to get ready, it's pretty cold outside so you decide to wear....
  5. *FAST FOWARD* You guys are on your way to the historical Stone Henges. When you were in school you would always wonder how in the world those enormous stones got like that. You also wonder where the Nephrite is cuz you've seen many pictures of that place and never seen anything unusual about it(Besides the fact that they are in a circle). "_____?" You hear your name being called and you snap out of trance and see that it's Nick starring at you. Of course he sat next to you when you got in the car. "Yes?" You say looking at him. "What happend last night?" You notice that Jason heard and he sideways galnced at you and you could tell His eyes were pleading not to say anything. You really want to talk to someone about it, but you owe him for always taking your side when everyone was mad at you. You take a deep breath and put on a smile, "Nothing." Nick looks concerned but decides to drop it. "Okay, well anyways remeber what I taught you. What happend after last time, I have no idea what's next, and I don't want you to get hurt." Right on cue, you feel the car halt to a stop and you look outside and see that you just arrived.
  6. Like last time it was desserted, and a thick fog was starting to set in. You start getting a bit scarred then you feel some one grab your hand and it's Jason, even though you're kinda frustrated with him, it made you feel a whole lot better. So you slightly squeeze his hand and look into his soft green eyes. You whisper thank you and let go. All of you walk towards the stone. All of are standing right in front of it. No one wants to make the first move just incase something happened. Then you want to be the brave one and you step foward then you feel all eyes on you and they follow behind. You gently place your hand on one of the rocks then all the sudden theres a small rumble, all of stare at Nick. He puts his hands in the air, "That wasn't me." Then the rumble starts getting stronger and stronger till you could bearly stand up and you're thrown back and forth. Then the ground starts sinking, only beneath your feet. It's as if the ground is swallowing you. The guys try to make their way towards you but the ground is shaking too hard. You notice you're the only one sinking. Hlaf of your body is in the ground already, you try to grab the ricks and grass around you but something is pulling you. You could feel it, the last thing you saw was was your hands trying to hold on to the surface above.
  7. **NICK'S P.O.V** All the sudden the ground stops shaking and ____ is gone. "WTF just happend?!" Chris shouts. Alex runs to the spot where she was and starts screaming _____'s name and starting to dig. Jason I could tell is the only one who's thinking of a plan to save her. Me on the other hand.... "______!!!!" I shout at the top of my lungs. I start using my power and try to take THIS WHOLE FREKIN PLACE APART!! I Take one huge chuck of dirt from the ground and throw it behind me. As soon as I look back at the spot I just cleared it grew back in a flash as if I didn't take a 10 ft boulder from the ground.
  8. **YOUR P.O.V** You can't breath because theres so much dirt everywhere. Then all the sudden you feel your legs dangling in the air then you drop into what seems like a tunnel. You can't see anything because it's so unbelably dark. You try to think rationaly and try to make a small flame in your hands but it's not working. 'Why does it only work when Im in a life and death situation?!' You think to yoruself. You still can't see a thing and say to yourself "If I stay calm my imagination won't go wild and think theres monsters out to get me." Once you said that you scarred yourself and started runing blindly through the tunnel. Then you trip and fall on your hands and feel that your hands are bleeding a bit. You sit there not staring at anything, After what seems like an eternaty(Actualy a few minutes) You wonder if you can move the dirt away from the top to try to get out. You do some of the movements Nick taught you, and nothing happends. Then you remeber that Nick said it works better if you take your shoes off. So you frustratingly take your shoes off you kinda trip and stomp the ground, once you do that all the sudden you can see everything. Not see but feel. You can feel/see everything around you. It might not be as good as seeing but it sure as hell better then not seeing at all. You start walking, at first it's kinda weird to see with your feet, but after a minute you get use to it. You continue walking leaving your shoes behind, then you stop because you're right infront of two tunnels. One of them goes on for miles and miles, and the other leads to some kind of chamber with something waiting there.
  9. You take your chance with the one with the chamber, and you start walking. When you're half way there you start to see a faint green glow. As you continue to get closer the glow starts to get brighter and brighter, then you see a door frame but with no door, you walk through it, and see a repleca of the stone henges from above but these ones are different, they seems odler but at the same time complete. It has the giant stones in a circle and in the middle of it all, there it is. The Nephrite.
  10. You don't move cuz it's wayyyy too easy. You slowly make your way towards it, then when your almost there you're thrown to other side of the room. 'I knew it.' you thought. Then you look up and see a giant 'Rock man?'. It's at least 10 feet tall with giant arms made for swinging. IT looks at you and swings it enormous arm towards you, you roll under it and it bearly missed you. You get up and try to run towards the Gem, but IT swings again and it hits you in the stomack and your thrown again, theres a bit pain but not enough to stop you. You hide behind a rock and try to think of plan to destroy it, you want to see if your powers works now. You try to move a small pebble and works. "YES!" You accidently shout a bit too loud. IT hears you and makes it's way towards you, then You grab a giant boulder and spin kick it towards IT. You take down one of it's arms, but it slowed it down a little. You grab another boulder and aim it to IT's middle. Then it completly destroys, right at your feet.
  11. You can't help it but to do a small victory dance. After about three second into your dance, you hear multiple loud foots steps coming from the giant stone doors, and it's three more of those monsters. 'Crap.' You think. Then all of them come towards you. and they one of them strikes but you dodge it, by jumping over it but when in mid air, one of the other ones strike and it hits your back and you hit your face against the rock and you feel the top of your head starting to bleed. You're kinda woozy, but shake it off and throw a boulder at the one who hit you and nothing happend. Then all of them strike at once, and then you feel your eyes starting to glow, Then you see a pair of exotic green eyes starring at you from the door way, you swore you heard something say "Ya sus indio efharisto." Then you black out.
  12. **JASON'S P.O.V** I can't think anyway else to try to find her. I cheaked on the phone and saw that there was no reported earth quake, landslide or anything. Everyone is freaking out, I think Im the only one trying to find a calm way to find her. All the sudden theres a small rumble and the spot where _____ dissapeared and theres a green glow coming from under there, then ____ starts to appear, But theres something different, she starts to float in the air. The giant stone from around us start to float from the ground, and rise with her. Her eyes a litterally glowing a bright green, even the white parts. Her hands are in a cup formation around something. She closes her eyes Then she gently floats back to the ground, she's standing straight, we all stand in front of her. "____?" I say then all the sudden her eyes fly open and they're still glowing. Then she opens her hands and we all see it. It's the Nephrite. It's a green color and has a few pebbles floating around it. Then she blinks and her eyes are back to their normal _____ eyes. She smiles, then faints.
  13. CLIFFHANGER!!! Sorry but it HAD to end there. And That was epic if you ask me. I had a little help *cough*Coco*Cough*. Anywho hope you enjoyed it!:D
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