Forever and Always pt.20

Hey guys! Welcome to part 20 of my Forever and Always series! I kinda rushed through this but I think it turned out good and I was attacked by my tias bulldog and my cousins were just laughing while I was dieing! But anywho Enjoy!:)

GUYS DESCRPITION: Alex: Black hair, Ocean blue eyes, tan, tall, well built, and a flirt. Nick: Dark brown hair, violet eyes, tanish-palish, tall, well built, and charming. Chris: Blond hair w/ black streaks, Hazel eys, nice tan, tall, lean but medium well built, and protective Jason: Black hair, soft green eyes, pale,lean but well built, tall, and compassionate. Cam: A bit taller then you, jet black hair, exotic green eyes(Sometimes glow) natural red lips, and you can't quite label him:)

Created by: 33iZZy18

  1. Okay recap: Okay You you (Reader you not story you) found out Cam was the one who saved you, You're on a boat to the palawan islands, and Jason was talking to Cam but you don't know what about. And now you have the feeling Jason wasn't kidding when when he said "Even Da Vinci had a teacher."
  2. When Jason left you could'nt really go back to sleep. You had the feeling someone was watching you. But you shruged it off by listening to the gentle water slightly spalshing your boat and you sat the front of the boat just watching the sun come up. You see that it's dawn and the edge of the sun is coming up and you feel the suns heat just softly warming your skin. Then you hear someones foot steps and you quickly turn around to see Alex looking at you with Adoring eyes. Be fore you can say Hi or Good morning. He says "Mind helping me create a scene from titanic?" While oving in your direction, he hugs you from behind and you could feel he breath on your neck, it tickeles you but you stay silent enjoying the moment.
  3. The both of you stay like that till the sun is alomost completly in the sky. Before he lets go he looks into your eyes and ypu look back into his amazing Blue eyes and he kisses you softly on the lips just little pecks. Then you leave to wake up the rest of the guys. You first go to Chris and lay next to him and just look at his perfect flawless skin and slowly move some of his blond hair away from his face and just keep your hand on his cheek. For some reason he smells strangly like pineapple with some spice you can't really pick out. Then he slowly opens his eyes and see's your face, he smiles. You're about to pull your hand back but he puts his hand on top of yours and keeps it there.The both of you stay like that for a while till you smell some bacon and immediatly get up and run to the source.
  4. When you go outside you see Nick cooking, and also notice a few small islands in front of you only a few miles ahead. *FAST FORWARD* You arrive at one of the many island and when you get off the boat you see a chunky man with bronze skin, a face that you could see produces an easy smile, and wearing some dryed long grass knitted together covering his bottum half. "Hello there welcome to Puerto Princessa beach." He said in a very strong accent.
  5. "Hi." All of you say at the same time. You could see Jason hiding behind Nick for some reason. He steps out and the man looks at him and his eyes widen. You could tell Jason is telling him something with his eyes. The man goes back to normal and leads all of you into the jungle. You walk in silence till you see a huge figure on the beach then the man smiles then he moves away the vines covering the veiw and you see a wild pure white bull. "He must've escaped from our village." Alex smiles "One thing that I know for sure is that they don't like the color red." He looks at Chris and raises an eyebrow. All you see that Chris has some red swim shorts on. "Sh-t." He says before they bull starts charging. Chris runs in the oppisite direction. You couldn't beleive how fast he ran. You elbow Alex really, "Really you HAD to say that?" You always wondered if Chris and Alex were some how related. They're always playing jokes on each other and act like they're brothers.
  6. After about 15 minutes of watching Chris run back and forth you decide to finally help him. "Chris!" You shout for him tol hear. "What?!" You could tell he's getting really tired. "Um...Climb that tree!" "Theres alot of trees which tree?!" "That one!" He quickly runs to the tree, and climbs it. The bull just looks up and turns to all of you and just charching. "I think we really pissed that bull off." You say. The rest of the guys quickly hide and you just stand there. You know whats coming next to you just close your eyes amd wait for the pain. But instead you hear it stop. You slowly open your eyes and see it just starring at you. Not with anger but with curiousity and admiration. And you also notice, unlike other bulls, it has icy blue eyes. Then it slowly bows it's head at you and just walks away.
  7. "Did I just see what I think I saw?" Nick says. You just smile. "I handeled that like a boss." You say while grinning. Alex high-fives you. "Thanks for the save." He says a little releaved. "Hey I owed you." You remeber the night when you encountered the La Llorona. You did owe him and he just smiles at you. The rest of the guys look a little irritated.
  8. After about 10 more minutes of walking you see a hude two story house with large windows and on the inside you can see a living room with white fluffy couches and wood flooring. You notice that on the sides you see a few balconys. Around the house theres pure white soft sand and a few palm trees and the you have a great veiw of the ocean with is a perfect shade of baby blue.
  9. At first everyone is quiet admriing the veiw. "Dibs on biggest room!" You shout as you start running. But you immediatly get embarrassed when ALL the guys run past you you with out a breath. You do a sour face, "That isn't fair! You guys cheated!" But they didn't hear you as they rushed into the door but Nick was the only one who stayed outside and waited for you. He opens the door and smiles "Ladies first." You smile back and say a little loudly "Such a gentleman." You say loud enough for all the guys to hear and peak their head out their doors. They look at Nick in envy and hatered. But they shrug it off and they all know that they kinda desevered it for leavig you outside. You look at the huge window in the living room and smile at the veiw of sunset. And now that you think about it you're supper hungry and tired. Nick hear your stomack growl and pats your tummy. "Let me just go and put my stuff away and I'll start cooking dinner." He kisses your hand and leaves.
  10. **NICK'S P.O.V** I smile when I walk towards my room. _____'s hand is incredably soft, but not nearly as soft as her lips. It feels like it's been forever since we hing out. I find my room and it has a perfect veiw of the jungle. It smells fresh. I set my suit case on the bed and start unpacking. I could tell we're going to be here for a while. When Im half throuhg unpacking I notice it's almost dark and theres a slight chilly breeze coming in through the balcony. Then I hear a noise outside and slowly walk outsid eon the balcony and see that it's nothing. I relax and start walking back inside. Then the doors close. I'm confised as I try to open them. I hear a slight movement behind and turn around to see Cam.
  11. He's laying on the hammock just lloking up at the stars. "No need for violence Nick. It's just me." I scowl at him. "You tryed to kill ____." "Thats a bit mellow-dramatic to start a convorsation and Trust me, if I wanted to kill her. She'd probualy already be dead." This only angers me more. "What are you doing here?" He hops off the hammock "Just here to give you some advice." "I don't need or want anything from you." "Okay but one thing. Let her go." He says seriously. At first I thought he was talking about _____ btu then I looked in his expression and saw he was talking about HER. I get stiff "I can't, she's all I have left." "She's suffering because the longer she stays the longer she'll suffer." "I cna't just let her go like that. Do you know how hard it is to just see her like that?" "Exactly my point." "You have no idea what it's like to lose someone you love." His jaw clenchs. "I think I know plenty about that."
  12. CLIFFHANGER!!! Hey guys! I know very confusing with Cam. Most of you hate him! With a passion! But when you hear his story it'll just make you cry:'( And also I've noticed I still can't decide on who I like, does anyone else feel like that on their guy characters from their own series? And anywho Im trying to upgrade my music so any suggestion for any music/bands/songs? But anywho laters!:D
  13. Who do you like?

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