Forever and Always pt.7

Hey guys welcome to Part 7 of my Forever and Always series the inspiration was from my little brother when he said "Good night twin, hopefully the bogyman comes for you tonight, He's watching you." That was kinda creepy. Anywho, this is a classic story that I'm pretty sure everyone has heard but if you havent lucky you im telling it:P

GUYS DESCRPITION: Alex: Black hair, Ocean blue eyes, tan, tall, well built, and a flirt. Nick: Dark brown hair, violet eyes, tanish-palish, tall, well built, and charming. Chris: Blond hair w/ black streaks, Hazel eys, nice tan, tall, lean but medium well built, and protective Jason: Black hair, soft green eyes, pale,lean but well built, tall, and compassionate.

Created by: 33iZZy18

  1. You and Chris train for a while mostly on how to defend yourself (Member what happend in the bathroom *shivers* I don't think im ever going to a public restroom) Right now your learning some simple moves "Could you explain to me how you someone with one strike?" You ask a little afraid "C'mon its easy let me show you." Before he can touch you, you back away "I don't want to accidently die!" "I'm not going to kill you, I would never do such a thing." He says "Could we just take a break?" He does a crooked smile witch is so cute "Fine." You sigh in releif and sit down on the dirt. It was getting dark and getting super cold you hug your knees to keep warm "You cold?" Chris ask He starts getting a blanket from the trunck he walks over to you and draps it over you. You look at Chris and hes only wearing some shorts and a short sleve shirt and hes shivering a bit "Do you want some blanket?" "No, Im good you keep it." You dont want him to freeze to death "You know I'm still a bit cold..." He smiles and plumps down next to you. You open the blanket and he scoots next to you puts his arm around you. "You warm now?" He says "Nope still a little cold." You say smiling.
  2. "I think I know one way to warm you right up." He looks down at you and smiles mischiviosly. You try to hide your blush "Er-um-uh.." You say awkwardly He chuckeles and before you can go away or anything he kisses you, this time you don't want to pull away or even think about it. You kiss him back he cups your cheek with one hand and you put your arms around his neck and you pretty much make out for like 5 minutes. You pull away and look into his hazel eyes "I think everyone will start getting worried if we're not home soon." He smiles and puts a stran of your hair away from your face "I think we could stay a little longer."
  3. Then you hear a phone ring. Chris groans and gets up and picks up the phone "Hello?...Yea...We were just training...yea we'll be there in a little bit...ok bye." He hangs up and looks at you "Everyone is starting to get worried." He looks a bit dissapointed. You get in the car and start talking with Chris again about random things again. About 30 minutes inot the drive you see a figure in the middle of the road and yell "Chris look out!" He swerves but you feel a bump so you deffintly hit something.
  4. Your about to get out the car to cheak it out when Chris pulls you back in "No, don't. Let me cheak it out." "Don't let this be a horror movie and let me stay in here like a helpless girl while the stupid guy trying to be the hero ends up dead let me go with you." "Fine, but stay close to me." He gets out and opens the door for you. You get out and he holds your hand, you both look around and theres nothing around on the floor. It's getting really dark then you hear crying. You and Chris turn around and standing 10 feet away from you is a lady and shes crying you get a closer look at her face and shes really pale I mean so pale she looks like she's glowing but its a really ugly pale. She's wearing a dress that looks like its from the 1800s or something. Your about to go to her when Chris stands in front of you and in a protection stance. "Lets go back slowly." He whispers "Why she needs someone." "She's La Llorona." "What?" He doesn't answer back and then you see the "La Llorona" Tilt her head towards you guys in a creepy way. Then she stands up and now you can see her face.
  5. Her eyes are completly black and 'Is she crying blood?' You think to yourself You look at her more and she is. Chris is pushing you back towards the car. She stands up straight and she looks at the both of you and smiles. Then you hear your foot step on some dirt witch makes noise. You both look back at her and her smile fades and she screams so loud your hears start to bleed and she starts flying really fast towards the both of you with her fingers looking like claws.
  6. Then you see a tornado of fire hit her "_____! Get up!" Chris standing in front of you and is still throwing fire at La Llorona. You get up and take a hold of his shirt and drag him towards the car. You both jump in and he starts driving off. You drive in silence Chris's face was a little pale but surprisingly you were calm. "Chris? You okay?" You ask. "I never thought she was real... I've heard stories, but never really beleived it." "What was that?" "The Yorona is an old story, Theres alot of different versions of it but I only know one and it was when my frineds tried to scare me when I was 13."
  7. "Her name was Maria. She was born to poor parents in a little pueblo south of the border. As she grew, people began to realize that she had great beauty. She had straight, long, beautiful black hair. It was so black, that in bright sunlight, it shone like a blue star. Her eyes were brown like almonds and her face had skin soft as the petals of a blooming flower.Maria, in time, came to realize just how beautiful she was. When the boys in her town took an interest in her, she brushed them off as if they were scum. She vowed to find the most handsome man in the world. That way, the most beautiful woman in the world could marry the most handsome man in the world.Finally, the day came when a handsome young man trotted into Maria's town on the back of a half-wild horse. His name was Marco. His hair was dark and wavy and he had a thin mustache. His body was muscular. His skin was bronzed from a life in the desert sun as a rancher and his eyes revealed a wild spirit that would make most any woman swoon.Maria instantly fell in love. She knew that she had to capture the heart of this handsome young man – he was already flirting with other girls from the pueblo.Maria knew she had to be coy. She decided to entice Marco by playing hard to get. Whenever Marco would try to talk to her, she would look the other way. She ignored his passes and always kept him at arm's length.These tricks made Marco go crazy. He began to serenade her and send her gifts – all of which Maria refused."
  8. "Go on." You say very interested. "Finally, one day Maria accepted a rose as a sign of their loveThey began to make wedding preparations. The most beautiful woman and the most handsome man finally married. It seemed they would live happily ever after.Soon after the wedding, Maria became pregnant with her first child. Then, she had another. They were both boys and made Maria very happy.However, Marco's interest in Maria began to wane. Soon, he began go back to his wild rancher-life and would leave for weeks at a time. He left the boys solely in the care of Maria; she never knew where he went.One day, Maria happened upon Marco on a dirt road not far from their home. He was speaking to another woman who was as beautiful as Maria. She gasped when she saw Marco embrace and then kiss her.This incited Maria's jealousy. She tried in vain to win Marco back over, but the marriage was doomed.Maria turned her jealousy and anger onto her two boys. She grabbed them and took them to a nearby river. As they stood there on the banks, she pushed them into the water.Immediately, she realized what a horrible thing she had done. She jumped in the river after them and swam all over the cove looking for them in vain. They were gone.Maria dragged herself onto the river bank. Heaving and sobbing, she lay down.The next morning, people from the pueblo found Maria's body. They wrapped her in white robes and buried her where she had lain.Not too long after the burial, villagers began to hear strange sounds at night. They were sounds of moaning and crying. Then it sounded like someone was uttering words. "Mis hijos," a woman's voice would cry in Spanish – "My sons," the voice would say.Children in the area began reporting that they would see a woman, dressed in white, coming out at dusk. Some children even went missing shortly after hearing these cries.The woman is no longer known as Maria, but as La Llorona or the Weeping Woman because of her ongoing cries.Some say this story is true. Others say it is not. The elders keep passing on the story to teach its lessons. One thing is for sure: if you hear the cries of a woman at night, get inside for La Llorona may be about. They say that some children have even disappeared at the hands of La Llorona, looking for her children."
  9. You lay back in your seat and look outside the window "I feel sorry for her..." You say "All she wants is her childeren." He laughs and you get confused "Why are you laughing?" "Because, after what just happend, you're sympathitic to the psycotic ghost who tried to kill us." "Well you cant always see the bad in people theres 3 sides to every story..." "3? Explain hows theres 3 cuz from where im from theres two." "Theres his, hers, and the truth."
  10. CLIFFHANGER!! Sorry guys I know not such a great cliffhanger but I had to get this done! Who knows when's the next time I will be able to get on. Anyways hope you enjoyed it:)

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