Forever and Always pt.10

**ANNOUNCEMENT** Guys part 9 didn't show on the new quizzes list D: but it is in my profile so please take it. And anywho YES! Part 10 is out and hopefully you guys enjoy:)

GUYS DESCRPITION: Alex: Black hair, Ocean blue eyes, tan, tall, well built, and a flirt. Nick: Dark brown hair, violet eyes, tanish-palish, tall, well built, and charming. Chris: Blond hair w/ black streaks, Hazel eys, nice tan, tall, lean but medium well built, and protective Jason: Black hair, soft green eyes, pale,lean but well built, tall, and compassionate.

Created by: 33iZZy18
  1. Okay recap: You find out your next location is London and you meet a guy named Cam, and right now your on a plane and gonna sit next to Alex.
  2. You all get in the plane and can't stop thinking about Cam. He seemed... odd but there was something about him that just made him interesting... The guys give you your ticket and your in first class. You never really rode a plane before and you were a little scarred. You sit next to Alex "______, You good? Cuz you seem a little scarred." You look at him. "Yea, Im good. Just thining about Final Destination." He laughs and shakes his head. "Thats a stupid movie, i doubt-""Don't say that cuz then it will do the complete oppisite and it will go down."
  3. When the plane starts to take off, your getting really freaked out, then you feel a hand on your shoulder and feel relaxed and not scarred anymore. You turn to Alex and its not him, he's reading a book. You turn your head to the seat behind you and it's Chris. For some reason you always feel safe around him. When you look into his mezmerizing hazel eyes, you smile, and whisper thank you. After about an hour of being bored and playing with your hair, you feel a poke on your side. And because your extremly tickelish you laugh, and stare at Alex whos wearing his glasseses him look oh so fine.
  4. You wana take revenge so you take his glasses. "Hey, I need those." He says while you put them on and everything becomes blurry. "Whoa, dude I think you need to go to an eye doctor." You say smiling. He starts tickeling you, you start laughing and try to tickel him back but your too weak cuz of all the tickeling. Then you feel a tap on your shoulder and turn, still gigeling, to a flight attendent. "Excuse me but can you and your friend please stay quiet, your creating a disturbence with everyone else." You nod, while still wearing the glasses. When she leaves you take the chance you move the arm rest, and start tickeling Alex. Not even 10 seconds later, your somehow on top of him, holding his wrist down, and your faces only an inch apart. "Whoa ______ taking it a little fast are we?" He says while winking on you. You quickly get off him, and cross your arms. "Awww, we were having so much fun." He says smiling. You stick your tounge out at him. "That was an accident." He smiles wider "Uh-huh, You know you enjoyed that." You turn a bright red "Shut up..." You say still blushing. You look around and bearly realize that its night time and everyone is sleeping.
  5. You guys start talking about scary movies and Alex admits that he is scarred of scary movies. "Awww don't worry im scarred of them too, we could be scarred together!" You say smiling. Then you remeber the takings. "You think we'll get our families back?" You say looking down at your hands. He grabs your hand and starts carresing it. "We will, don't worry." He says quietly. "Was your family taken?" He stops playing with your hand. "I don't got family, Im an orphan." He says. You hhug him and he rest his head on your shoulder. "I don't know alot about my parents, I read through my own file and saw that my dad bailed on my mom and she started prosituting to get money to me and her...and one day she just never came back." He doesn't cry, he's just still. "When I got into the orphanage, no one was there for me, then a lady who works there saw me when i was a kid and started taking care of me and she is like a mom for me, when i turned 15 she told me everything and started training me. She's 44 now and they took her about 2 weeks ago." You look up and stare into his beautiful ocean blue eyes. And the both of you stare into eachothers eyes for a second and he kisses you and you kiss him back. It was a passionate kiss and you both stayed like that for a minute. Then he pulls away, and puts his lips to your neck and whispers, "Not alot of people are important in my life-" He kisses your neck and goes to your ear and says"But you are."
  6. For some reason Alex always got to you, there is something in him that always hits the right spot when he shows this other side of him. You go to sleep in his arms. *DREAM MODE* You were in a dark place, it was cold. You saw yourself laying on a bed and the guys surrounding you. Then you see Alex push Nick on the ground Alex on top of him holding his neck. "How could you just let her go by herself! She's dead because of you!" Then Chris grabs Alex. "If you wouldn't have done that to her, she would have been alive right now!" Nick says. Then Alex grabs a knife and puts it to his neck. "I didn't mean it, you know how important she is to me." Then Nick says "She's important to all of us." Then someone opens a door and its a black figure and you can't make him out, the only thing that rings a bell is that he has intense green eyes that seem to glow, and he makes his way into the light. It's Cam. "What are you doing here?" Jason ask. "Im here to help." Then you wake up.
  7. Your breathing heavily, and sweating. and see that it's dawn outside. You really need to go to the bathroom, so you wiggle your way out of Alex's arms and make your way to the bathroom. Your head is hurtng so bad that you only look at the floor, then you bump into someone. Your about to fall backwards when someone grabs your shoulder and stedies you. You look up and it's Cam. "Why isn't this a cuincedence(I think thats how you spell it)." He says. "You don't look so hot, here take these." He gives some m&m peanuts. "Thanks" You say then you hear someone walk up to you from behind and you turn and it's Alex. 'Ugggghhh' You think. "______, you good?" He says only looking at Cam. "Yea, i just really need to go to the bathroom cuz i have a major migrane and please shhhh." You say and go to the bathroom.
  8. When your making your way back to your seat Alex is there with his arms folded and looking at you. Then you remember the m&ms and pull them out. "Heeeyyyy Alex, want some?" You say, he notices the m&ms "Where'd you get those." "Cam." You say as your about to put one in your mouth. Then he smacks them all out of your hand. "Hey! I was gonna eat those!" You say. "What if he drugged them!" He says. "Yea, I really doubt they would let a person bring drugs on a plane." "Member when you said don't say stuff like that cuz then it will do the oppisite?" You thought about it for a second. "Good point, but seriously! RUDE! First stealing from dead people, then throwing away my m&ms!" Then a random person sitting in front of you says "Can you kids shut up? Im trying to sleep." You didn't know how to respond to that and then Alex shouted out "TERRIOST!!!" When he said that, all the passengers on the plane woke up. then the stranger got confused "Wait, what?" He says and another guy gets up and says "U.S air marshell please step to the front of the plane calm and slowly." "I didn't do anything! It was these stupid kids!" He says. Then the air marchell pulls out a gun. "Sir, Step to the front of the plane!" Then the guy gets up and says "Im not doing shi-" Then he got shot. Everyone screamed and you were about to choke Alex to death until the air marchell said "Relax everyone, it's only a rubber bullet." Then everyone sighed in releif and some clapped.
  9. When the air marchell gets the guy away. You slowly turn your head towards Alex. "Alex!" He smiles his famous badboy smile. Then you hit his shoulder. "Not cool man!" You say. When you all get off the plane Alex explains everything to the guys and they all burst out laughing. "Wow, I would have never thought of that." Nick says. "Guys! Your so mean! ugh, lets just forget about that and see where we're going to stay." "We're gonna stay at Leicester Square."
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!! Finally the internet is working!:D And OMG that was a hillarious scene wit Alex XD. And also a sad one :'( But oh well I seriously cant wait for part 11!! And also I apoligize if part 9 didn't show on the new quizzes list, the thing was acting reatarded-.- but I hope you all enjoyed!!:)

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