Forever and Always pt.8

**ANNOUNCEMENT** Hey guys welcome to part 8 of my Forever and Always series, and this part is so epic if you ask me. I was originally make one of them go insane but I thought its too soon for that and Enjoy!:)

GUYS DESCRPITION: Alex: Black hair, Ocean blue eyes, tan, tall, well built, and a flirt. Nick: Dark brown hair, violet eyes, tanish-palish, tall, well built, and charming. Chris: Blond hair w/ black streaks, Hazel eys, nice tan, tall, lean but medium well built, and protective Jason: Black hair, soft green eyes, pale,lean but well built, tall, and compassionate.

Created by: 33iZZy18

  1. When you get home, you go straight to bed while Chris is dishing everything out to the guys. When you wake up, you really want to go apoligize to Nick. You take a shower some shorts and a spiggatti top. When your brushing your hair you hear a knock at your door. "Come in." You say Alex walks in and casually lays on your bed like the place is his. "Sup." He says "Hi." You continue to brush your hair and he just stares at you "What do you want?" You say "Nothing, but we are leaving in about 3 hours." "Really?" "Yea, we found the gem so I would suggest you put on some comfortable shoes." He gets up "Is that all you wanted?" You ask staring at him "Nope." he yakes something out his pocket and its a small box and its lockt "It came in the mail, we tryed to open but we couldn't." "If it was for me why would you guys try to open it?" He shrugs "Curiousity got the best out of us." He starts walking out the door "Wait!" You say and run up to him "Do you know where Nick is? Cuz I really need to talk with him." "Yea, he's in his room acting like a drama king about everything ."
  2. When Alex leaves you look at the box and it's really pretty. It has beautiful diamounds around it and its a beautiful scarlet color but the weird part about it is that it has a heart with a skull in the middle of it. You tried to open it but it was as if it was super glued shut. You get frustrated and just throw it on your dresser. You walk outside your room and walk to the living room and see Jason, Chris, and Alex playing MW3. You smile and walk to Nicks room. You go in without knocking cuz you think that he will say GO AWAY or something. When you walk in he's not there. You see the worn out leather book that he was reading when you were at the apartment you open it and see writing and a bunch of drawings you skip through the pages and land on an empty page. You think it's weird cuz all the pages are all full and this one is blank. You stare at it and you get a paper cut, you wage your finger around cuz it stings and a little of your blood gets on it then a drawing starts to appear. At first it's all just scribles. Then a figur starts to appear. It's hodded and it looks like it's walking towards you.
  3. You close and think it's just all part of your imagination, but your still a little creeped out. You look around the room and he's still not there. You sit on the bed and just start daydreaming. You hear a knock at the door "Hey, Nick it's jason we're leaving in a little bit and do you know where ______ is?" You smile and open the door "Dude you hella talked to yourself right now." You say. He smiles "Is Nick in there?" "No, I tryed looking for him but couldn't find hi-""I'm right here." You yelp and jump into Jasons arms and see Nick standing by his bathroom with only a towel on. You can't help but to stare at his amazing body. "Can I talk to you?" he says to you. You nod and get off of Jason. Before you close the door "Nick, can you put on a shirt cuz I think ______ is starting to drool." You blush and Nick just smiles "Shut up." Then you close the door.
  4. He sits on the bed and you just stand there "Are you still pissed about what happend the other day?" You ask. "No I'm not I'm not over it though, It's not any of my bussiness anyways who you want, I get it if it's not me." "Actually I haven't really "choosen"" You sit next to him. He nudges you "Well, if your testing everyone out I'm a great tes-" You cut him off by kissing him. It took him by suprise but he kissed you back, his lips were so warm and so unbeleivly soft that made you forget how to breath for a sec and you two kissed for about 6 seconds, When you both pulled away you both smiled. "Well..." You say "I should leave you to get dressed." You leave and to yourself 'That was definitly one of my fav, probualy next to Alex'
  5. **FAST FOWARD** You and the guys are on your way the Temples. "Jason, how are going to get the Zircon? I mean do we just walk in there and say 'Hey, we're super humans and we need that.'" "No, I actually really don't know, Alex what do we do when we get there?" He turns to the both of you "Oh... I never thought about what we will do when we get there..." The argument goes on for about 20 more minutes then everyone starts getting really confused. "You know what I give up, lets just go with the flow and see what the universe has in store for us." Alex says. You all agree and you look out the window and see a breataking veiw of the temples and the jungles surrounding it. The place was curiously empty with put you at edge. You all get out the car and you look around it's quiet. Really quiet.
  6. You look towards the temple where the sacrifices were held and you have a sudden urge to walk up those long, steep stairs "Guys, c'mon lets go up there." Your almost at the top when you hear Jason shout out "_____! Look out!!" You look up but before you can see anything your thrown backwards and you know that your really high up, your about to hit the ground when theres a little gust of wind that gently sets you on the ground. The guys run towards you, you look up towards the temple and look away cuz theres a really bright fire at the top and it cools down and you see a man who looks like a old preist, one of those who look like the people who sacrificed other people who the sun god. Then you look around and see that theres atleast 1,000 people surrounding the temple "Where the hell did they come from?" You ask. You look at the guys and they're dressed in Aztec-like clothes and their part of the crowd and standing there beong pushed and shoved deeper into the crowd and they're scrreaming for you to run, but your so confused on why you have to. Your the only person at the bottum of the temple, you try to go to them but your restrained and you look down at your hands and see that they're tied up.
  7. Then a really buff warrior guy comes up to you and pushes you towards the temple. You start getting angry but you chill yourself. When your halfway up the temple you see all the guys in the middle of the crowd trying to make their way towards you but can't. 'Why can't they just use their powers?' You think you try to burn through the ropes since the only power you know how to control is fire. For some reason you can't. When you get to the top the priest looks at you then at the guy standing next to him. "So, she is the one they call 'The Beuty'. May the gods accept this gift to end our toture."
  8. You stay quiet cuz your scarred and suprised that you could understand him. He looks towards the crowd and it falls silent. "Through many years we have seen plague, and drought. And now we're forced to suffer through a third punishment: Death." The crowd gasp "This is to pay for our sins of not staying loyal and because we stopped feeding them, but one brave goddess, the goddess of the moon and stars, has taken a grave risk to save us so she brought-" He presents you "The one they call 'The Beauty' to sacrifice her so the gods my forgive us!" The crowd started cheering and clapping. He takes your hand and starts leading you to the sacrifice bed but you refuse and start to try to run. But the warrior man grabs you and holds you down on the altar. "You should consider this to be a great honor." The priest says in a harsh tone. He holds the nife above your chest where your heart is but before he can strike You put your hands up and fire is thrown at his face and he screams in pain and stumbles backwards, you get up and stand there with the fire still coming out your palms. A bunch of warriors start running towards you. Then you remeber the protective sheild Chris taught you and your wondering if you could damage anything. You close your eyes and start dragging your fingers around yourself like a painting then you do the movements and you open your eyes just to see if it was working and you see lightning. Yes you were producing lightning and you put the lighting in the formation that Chris tought you up, down, sideways, and in an X shape and you push it out towards the warriors who were just looking at you in amazment. Then when you throw it at then they turn to dust.
  9. There was no more warriors coming anymore and the crowd looks at you and you walk down and the people are quiet and when you walk towards them they all bow before you. Then Alex, Chris, Jason, and Nick run up towards you and they hug you so tight you can't breath. The priest is still up there crying in pain on the floor. You walk back up the stairs and stand in front of him "Wheres the Zircon." He looks at you "EVIL WOMAN!! THE GODS HAVE CURSED US!!" You slap him and hold him up by his long hair "Im only going to ask one more time, WHERE IS IT." You looked straight into his eyes and see that your eyes are an intense scarlet red. He looks to the inside of the temple. You throw him back towards the ground and walk towards the temple, and you look in the reflection of the sheild that your eyes are back to their normal ______ color. When you get inside you see it. It's a strange red color and it's on fire.
  10. When you grab it, it's not hot but a little cool with the fire blazing around it. It's suprisingly smooth. "_____, you okay?" Jason asks "Fine, just a little tired." you say really exhausted and thirsty "C'mon lets get out of here, I need my beauty rest." Allex says you do a crooked smile. You all walk out the temple and you all stand in a horizontal line and hold hands with you in the middle. "Ready?" You ask the guys "Ready." They all say at the same time. You all jump and a flash of light appears.
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!!! OMG that was an amazing part don't you agree? LOL Anywayz I gotts admit this part was wayyyyy better then the last, and I know I said I'd make one of them go crazy but I realized that it's too soon to put something like that in her but I hope this makes up for it. Comment, rate, or whatever:)

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