Forever and Always pt.4

Heyyy guys Welcome to Part four of my Forever and always series! I gotta admit this is a hillarious part, i was even laughing LOL well anyways... Enjoy!:)

TONIIIGHT WE ARE YOUNG! SO LETS SET THE WORLD ON FIRE! WE CAN BRIGHTER THEN TH SUUUUN!Yes I know very random but this dumb thing wont let me continue till i have 150 ch'ara'cter's! oh there it is. Again Enojoy:)

Created by: 33iZZy18

  1. "C'mon guys, lets gtg before the cops come." Nick says you all nod and all of you get to the car. And this time your laying your head on Chris's shoulder and you slowly close your eyes. *DREAM MODE* It was a rainy day and you were walking home from school. Your brother was at a babysitters house. When you get home your mom greets you fromt the kitchen "Hi sweety, how was school?" you smile while you sit on top of the counter "It was alright i guess. How was your day?" She smiles and says "It was great, there was a specail on the spegatti." You always loved your moms spegatti. You were about to set your stuff in your room when your dad barges in the kitchen. He grabs by the shoulders and looks at you in the eyes "_____? Sweety? Do me a favor and hide in the closet." You look at him confused "Why?" He dosn't speak and shoves you in the closet "Robert whats happening?" Your mom asks. His face drained of color "They found her." and right on cue a group of guys barge in and hold your parents but your parents start fighting and it looks like they're kicking a-- till one of them trips your mom and dad and their held up to face a stranger. "Hello Mr and Mrs._____, you both know what i came for. now where is she?" He walks over to the licor cabnet and pors himself some wine. and reads outloud "Vianey 1956, now how on earth did you get hold of this unique bottle?" They don't answer and just give him the death galre He looks at a picture of you "She has your eyes Robert." They still dont answer him. He sighs "Well, since the both of you wont buge might as well kill you." Before they have time to do anyhthing He shoots them both in the head right in front of you. Your still in the closet hiding you put your hand over your mouth to keep from screaming. Then they all left. You get out and see your Dad is dead and your Mom shes some what alive. "Mom?" she looks at you and you kneel down next to her "____ listen," She out of breath "Take this-" She puts her hand on her locket you take it and just hold it "and take care of your broth-" She breaths in her last breath your pretty sure she was going to say brother. You kiss her on the cheek "I promise."
  2. You wake up and see that its early morning and Alex is sill driving "Alex arnt you tired?" you look at the cup holder and see they're all full of empty coffee cups "Im not tired, arnt you tired? oh right your sleeped all night. But im not tired." You couldn't understand what hes saying "I think you should pull over." he looks at you and his eyes are wide "Good idea." He says again but super fast. Once he pulls over his head falls on the steering wheel and it starts honking. You slowly start crawling over the guys. when your taking Alex out of the steering wheel he falls on top of you and you lay on the dirt while hes still on top of your "God dammit Alex! Your so heavy!" you try to roll him off you but its no use and try waking him up. You scream his name a few times and then Jason wakes up and sees you. He rolls down the window "You need help?" You sarcastically say "Nooooo, im just doing this for fun." He laughs and says "Okay." And before he rolls up the window "NO! i didnt mean it!" He laughs again and gets Alex off you and you could finally breath again. he puts him in the Trunk because he keeps falling out the seat. When hes done putting alex in the trunk he sees you get in the drivers seat and he sits in passenger seat "Ever drive before?" "No." He looks at you worried "Then what are doing?" "Learning how to drive."
  3. Before He can say anything you take off and start driving at 80mph the all the guys wake all the sudden but Alex is still in the trunk knowcked out. Nick asks "_____ what are you doing?" While hes putting on his seatbelt. Jason answers for you "She said she's learning how to "drive"" Then you make a sharp turn and all the guys are thrown to the right and they all "Oww" then you start driving faster and your driving 100mph "This is so much fun!" and you hear Alex wake up "What am i doing in the trunk?" You make another sharp turn and he holds on to the seat "_____ you're scaring me." You keep smilling then Chris says "Why don't you let me drive we're reaching Juarez and i don't want to go to jail in mexico." You pull over and keep smilling and say "Well.. that was fun."
  4. You replace chrises seat in the back and you realize that your hair is all wild because the window was down and the dumb wind messed your hair up but you didnt mind you were still pretty happy that you got to dirve. Jason says "_____, remind me to never let you drive again." You salute him like the army people do and say "Yes sir!" You look at your clothes and say "Guys can i change because, my clothes are dirty." "How did you get dirt all over your back?" Alex ask "You really want me to answer that?" "How you said that makes me scarred of the answer so nvm." Chris says "Im sorry _____ but theres no where to stop so you can change for the next 30 minutes." "But i feel crapy and its getting really hot." Then right on cue a song(Sorry guys i dont know the name) Starts saying "It's getting so hot in here!(so hot!) So take off all your clothes!" Every one starts laughing really hard and so do you. You havent had a good laugh in forever.
  5. After you wipe a tear away from laughing so hard you say "I'm not going to strip for you guys." "Aww but i was expecting a good show." alex says winking at you. Then Nick says "Guys pull over, i can make a little room for her." Chris nods and pulls over. You all get outside and you ask Nick "A room?" He smiles "Oh forgot to mention I'm the power of earth." 'okay.... I'm still not use to all these powers' You think to yourself. Then you see Nick Just thow his hands in the air with his palms faceing the sky then all the sudden there is a small rumble then theres three 6 ft walls. "Whoa how did you dod that?" He smiles and says "3 years of practice." (He's 18 btw.)
  6. You get in the small little closer and all the sudden theres another wall blocking the exit "Nick, was that suppose to happen?" "Yes it was." "Oh okay because i was about to panic." You start taking off your clothes then you remember you left your suitcase in the car "Guys can you um-get my suitcase?" "we're going to have to take down one of the rocks to give it to you." "Uh can you guys just throw it over?" "Throw it over?" "YES throw it over! I dont want you creeps looking at me." "Why don't i just put it low enough to only show your head?" "Why didn't you offer that first?" There was silence then the rocks went low enough for your head to pop up.
  7. What do you wear?
  8. **FAST FOWARD** You guys pull up at this hotel called "Crowne Plaza Hotel De Mexico" While the people are getting your bags you cheak out the scene around you and its absolutly breath taking Then you hear a man say "Holla senora y senores welcome to Crowne Plaza Hotel De Mexico." You smile and remeber you don't speak a lick of spainish.
  9. When you get to your room it is huge and so open. Its also very beautiful and homey. "Wow" was all you can say. Chris is the only one who was left in the room because the guys were so tired they went straight to their rooms. "Chris?" He looks up at you and smiles "Yes?" "Do you know spainish? Because... i dont know how and it will be awkward to play sharades to explain that i want an ice-cream." He chuckeles "Yes, i do. As a matter of fact I'm pretty fluent." You jump and say "Yes! i mean-good." You nod and start heading for your room then you hear Chris call out your name you turn around and hes a foot away from you "Would you like to go out with me tommorrow night? I have a group of old friends and they're throwing a party and I would hate to go alone." You smile "Of course i will go with you."
  10. CLIFFHANGER! Sorry Guys I know crappy cliffhanger, But hey The next part is going to be all about your date with Chris and sorry for the people who go for Alex, Jason, or Nick and a small shout out for Dannica OMG YOUR BEAUTIFUL SECRETS SERIES IS BEAUTIFUL LITTERALLY!! and ugh i feel crappy for taking your characters with out knowing!:'( sorry forgive me? Oh and guys You know how they're going on a tresure hunt and i got this idea to add new characters to you GUIDE them i guess and if you want to enter just email me on yahoo at [no emails] and also I don't really use my yahoo only for facebook or when im agreeing to something but for those of you who dont have a yahoo just comment for your character. Anyways Part 5 is coming soon!:)

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