Hogwarts Forever Part 1.2

Are you practically in love with the Harry Potter series? Well, I guess this is for all of the Hogwarts wannabe's. I truly wish I could be a part of that world, myself. Here, you make your own decisions, even though the results may not be what you want. It all depends on your answers! Have a Happy First Year!

Hey, sorry for this being late. Also, if you get confused on this part, go to Hogwarts Forever, and please, please, please, don't forget to comment, and tell me who you got!

Created by: liz_king97
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  1. Hiya!Glad to see that you've made it through October! Up to Halloween, in fact. You spend the morning with Draco, and that night beating up a mountain troll! You'll learn a lot about yourself in this episode, and even make Pansy Parkinson jealous of Draco's attentiveness towards you. Best of luck with that troll!
  2. You woke up early in the morning, dreanched in sweat. Stella was still sleeping, and snoring loudly. You swing your legs over the edge of your bed and open your trunk. You grimace when you see the jumbled mess in there. "Let me help with that," The Head Girl waved her wand, and muttered a spell. You watched in amazement as the entire contents flew around into complete order. You mumble a thank you, and take out a black candle, a matchbox, a sheaf of parchment, and a quill. You begin writing, 'Dear Dad, I think you already know what today is, but I'll write it anyways. Today is October 31st, , the tenth anneversary of Lily & James Potter's deaths. You may have heard by now that Harry is in Griffindor House. He doesn't remember me; nor does he know that ten years ago today his mum and dad died. I think it's best not to tell him right now. He has enough on his mind. Love,______'
  3. You roll up the parchment and head off for the Owlry. You tie the letter to Hedwig's foot, and send her to your dad's office at the Ministry of Magic. You turn around and bump into a pale-faced boy with white-blonde hair. "Watch it!" he snaps. You gasp. "Draco! I'm so sorry, I didn't see you there!"
  4. You bend over and hand Draco his papers. "D-Draco?" you say softly. He slowly lifts his eyes to meet yours. "Do you really hate me just because I sided against you?" "I don't know." he admitted. "But we'd better get down to breakfast." You nodded. "Yeah, I guess so." You walk downstairs, feeling an odd sense of giddiness. Draco touched your hand, and took hold of it. "You aren't eating with the Griffindor's today, are you?" he inquired. You shook your head after a moments hesitation. "No, I was thinking about sitting with my own House this morning." Draco smiled awkwardly. "Well, how about you eat with MY House today?" Your mouth dried up. "um, I'll think about it."
  5. "I'd like that," you say softly. Draco grinned. "You're the best, _____." He walks with you to the Slytherin table, and nods encouragingly for you to sit down. A girl in your year glares hard at your hand intertwined with Draco's. You quickly yank it out of his hand, and notice him wincing as you did so. "What is SHE doing here?" the girl hissed to Draco. He put his arm protectively around your shoulders- and odd gesture for a first year to make. "I invited her, Pansy. _____ is my friend. I invited her." Draco repeated. Pansy glared at you again, flipped her hair, and turned to talk to the girl next to her.
  6. Despite all of the nasty rumors you've heard about the Slytherins, not all of them were as horrid as people've said. You smile at Draco, and watch his face light up when he laughs with Zabini Blaise. 'He isn't as bad as Harry and Ron says' you think. 'He's actually quite nice once he's with the people he enjoys hanging around with.' Draco glances at you, and catches you smiling at him. He leans closer, and you catch a the scent of mouthwatering apples. The corners of his mouth turnn upward as he smiles. "Quite a change from Griffindor, isn't it?" You nod. "Definitely. Ron's always complaining that he can't finish the homework, and then praising me that he would fail if I hadn't agreed to tutor him." You feel your self blush, and realize that you were happy to agree to help Ron. Even if it meant less time with Draco on some days.
  7. Draco nudges you, and you blush, realizing that he must have asked you a question. "What? Sorry, spaced out there." Pansy rolled her eyes, and whispered to the girl next to her, Millicent, and they both snickered. You act indifferent to what they're whispering about, and it itches at your insides all through breakfast. Draco takes your hand, and you two wait for the food to clear before you begin walking to your classes. "I have Potions next," Draco mumbles to you. "I have Charms. I love that class," you sigh. Draco smiles. "Well, I'm glad you're enjoying school." "And you aren't? What about Potions?" "I like it, but it doesn't seem fair, the Proffessor Snape favors his House. I sort of wish he would be more like Proffessor Magonnagal." (me: sorry about the misspelling!)You see Neville heading your way, and bite your lip. You part from Draco, but still feel his eyes following your every step.
  8. You smile as you close the gap between you and Neville. He smile wanly, and you stop in your tracks. Ron sees you staring at him, and his face turns deep scarlet. You give a small wave, and wait for Neville. He sighs. "Hi, ______." You walk next to him, and wait for him to speak. When he doesn't, you open your mouth, only to be interrupted by Fred and George, Ron's older brothers. "Hey, _____, Neville. How's your first year going?" Neville turns purple. You say to Fred, "Mine's been fine, I was just about to ask Neville about his." George nods seriously, and winks at you. "You don't have to worry about dear old Neville, ______. I'll tell Harry about it; I'm sure he'll be glad to help you out." Fred snickers. "Ron, too. I'll have to mention it to them." You thank them, and wonder why they were acting so strange. "I really appreciate it, but if you could just let Neville and I talk, that would be great." Fred and George nod solemnly. "Of course. That's our top priority for today: make sure you have your way." You stare at them, and they realize what they said. "Oh, look at the time, we need to get to Care of Magical Creatures!" Neville smiles gratefully. "Thanks, ______." You put your hand on his shoulder. "Anything for you, Neville," you smile.
  9. "Ron talks about you in his sleep," Neville blurted out. You jump, and stare at Neville. "B- beg pardon?" Neville flushes. "Well, I can't ususually sleep at night, so I hear a lot of things. Including Ron mumbling." You chew on the inside of your lip, and try to act like you don't care. You almost screamed...
  10. Neville stares at you with a worried look on his face. "Did I say something wrong? I'm sorry, that was sort of out there." You grin, and glance at where Ron was standing, finding him closer to you and Neville. "No, it was fine. I actually needed to hear that." Neville looks at you strangely, and you blush slightly. "I, uh, would like you to tell Ron to stop dreaming about me, if you can." "Why don't you tell me yourself?" You turn around to see Ron standing behind you. "Oh, um, hi." you stutter. Ron smiles awkwardly. "Hi, I'm sorry for, uh, butting in, but I couldn't help but to, uh, ask if we're still on for today's lunch session!" He said brightly. You laugh nervously. "Sure, if it's really important to you." "Yeah, I'd be failing Potions if it weren't for you." You smile, and duck your head. Inwardly, you're thinking,
  11. "You look at your watch, and your eyes pop wide open. "Sorry, Ron, Neville, I can't be late for Charms. See you later!" You feel Neville and Ron staring at you as run down to the Charms corridor. You arrive minutes before Proffessor Flitwick enters, and are in your seat when he calls the class' attention. "Now, students, today we will learn the levitation spell. The movements are simple: flish and swick. Now, try it with your wands- flish and swick. Everyone got it? Good. The incantation is: Wingardium Leviosa." Terry Brooks, another girlin your year, raised her hand. "Proffessor, what are we supposed to levitate? Certainly not ourselves, or other heavy objects." Proffessor Flitwick cleared his throat. "There should be a feather in front of you. Levitate that, Miss Brooks." Terry waved her wand, in the manner Proffessor Flitwick demontrated, but nothing happened. "It won't work, Proffessor!" Terry complained. You rolled her eyes, and showed Terry how to do it- properly. "Point your wand at the feather, flish and swick, AND say the incantation. That's the important part." Your feather rose high into the air as you kept your wand pointing at the feather. Every student watched in envy and admiration as you demonstrated perfectly how to use the spell. Proffessor Flitwick clapped his hands, and awarded your House ten points. Terry grinned, and patted you on the back. "Thanks,_______. I'd never have gotten it done without your help." You blushed, and gestured to her feather. "Can I see you do it?" Terry nodded. "Here goes nothing," you heard her mutter, and watched proudly as hers also rose to the ceiling and back down to her desk. "Bloddy briliant!" You grinned.
  12. Alright, sorry, that's it for today. Also, sorry for being late, I've got loads of homework (I HATE High School!) I'll make sure to have 1.3 out soon, hopefully tomorrow, or Monday...

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