A Hogwarts Story Part#3

As Tanya watches the first Quidditch match of the year, she finds out that she is to be Seeker! Then on Christmas, she is given one present, but it's the best present she could have ever hoped for.

This is a Hogwarts series by me, Emily. Please do not copyright. This is all my idea, the story line part. However, the world of Hogwarts & Albus Potter, & all the teachers, are by J.K. Rowling. Hope you enjoy this series. I work really hard on them.

Created by: EmGirl
  1. Tanya and Albus sat together studying for there Defense Against The Dark Arts test. Out of the blue, Tanya decided to ask Albus, "Who was the good Slytherin your dad named you after?" Albus looked up, "Severus Snape," he said. Tanya thought for a moment. "I've heard of him," Tanya thought aloud, "Pour guy." she looked at Albus again. "So, I heard Quidditch is starting up again," she said, "You going to be seeker like your dad?" "No, I don't think so," Albus answered, "You see, I'm not all that good with a broom. Or small objects." "Oh, OK," Tanya replied. She glanced up as Cato walked by, still bald, and said, "Nice hair Cato!" Cato shot her a piercing stare, and walked on by her. Tanya laughed, "I wouldn't want to be him!" Albus smiled too, and then said, "We should get back to studying. After all, I still don't get how you defend yourself from a Hag..." Oh that's easy," Tanya replied, "You see, all you have to do is..."
  2. It was the first Quidditch match of the year, and it was Gryffindor verses Slytherin. Tanya knew she HAD to hope Slytherin won, however, she was secretly hoping Gryffindor won instead. It was getting chilly out, so she wore her green and silver scarf around her neck. When the game began, it lasted for hours, no one could find the Golden Snitch. All of a sudden, Tanya saw it. It flew right in front of her face, and she just grabbed it. Apparently, the kids around her saw what she did, and stared. "Throw it out to Rachel Thatching," a girl said, "She's the seeker." "But that's cheating," Tanya said. "Exactly," whispered back the girl.
  3. Tanya did not want to cheat, so she just let it go. But the Snitch stayed firmly in her hand. Tanya shook her hand up and down. It stayed on. She tried throwing it, but it stayed firmly on her hand. She exited the bleachers and headed over to where Professor McGonagall sat observing the game. "Professor McGonagall," Tanya said, "I have a problem." "What is it Tanya?" McGonagall asked. "Well,"Tanya began, "I saw the Golden Snitch, and kind of grabbed it, and caught it, and now it's stuck to my hand." Professor McGonagall looked at Tanya now, and stared at her hand. "What is it doing?" Tanya asked as it began to glow.
  4. "It seems to like you," Professor McGonagall said, "I believe it wants you to be Slytherin Seeker." Tanya stared at the Snitch. "I don't think I want to be..." she said, but then the Snitch began to burn her hand, and she said, "OK, OK, I'll be seeker." the burning stopped, and the Snitch left her palm and flew back into the game. "Since when has the Golden Snitch chosen a Seeker?" Tanya groaned. How could her day get any worse?
  5. How could her day get worse? She just had to have asked that. Because Cato appeared at the end of the game, and his hair had all grown back. "Hair growth spell," he said, "I've won this battle, mudblood." and he marched off. Something told Tanya that the battle had only begun. And she just wanted it over and done with. Then, people started mobing her, asking her about the Golden Snitch, saying that this had never happened before, EVER! Tanya could not STAND all the attention. Luckily, Albus came up to her and helped her get away. "How come this is happening to me?" Tanya asked Albus. "This should be happening to you, the Potter's are ALWAYS Seekers. I Can NOT be a Seeker!"
  6. Christmas was around the corner, and Tanya was planning to stay at Hogwarts. Her parents were mean to her anyways, and she HATED them. Albus was however, going home for Christmas. Well, why wouldn't he? His dad was Harry Potter! She hugged Albus goodbye, and gave him a box rapped in red rapping paper and tied with a green ribbon. "Open it on Christmas, OK?" she asked him, and Albus nodded. "I'll send my present by owl." Tanya said thanks, said goodbye to Albus one more time, and watched him leave.
  7. On Christmas Eve, Tanya helped out around Hogwarts. She helped decorate the tree, and clean up. As she was walking down the hallway, she heard the DADA teacher, Professor Chan, talking with Professor McGonagall. "Tanya has been so helpful these past few days, and she's so kind," Professor Chan said, "Sometimes I can't believe she's a Slytherin. Are you sure she's in the right house?" "We do not question the Sorting Hat," Professor McGonagall replied. "But don't you think we should on this matter?" asked Professor Chan. "Perhaps," Professor McGonagall replied. Tanya walked back the way she came, wondering, could she be moved to another house? Oh what a Christmas present that'd be!
  8. On Christmas morning, Tanya went downstairs to the Common Room. Under the tree was one present, from Albus, Of course, her parents would not send her a present, not even one! Tanya realized it was a broom, and when she opened it, she saw it was a Nimbus 3000! It was the fastest broom of the century! Albus had gotten her this? That would have cost a lot of money! With the broom was a letter.
  9. The letter read: Dear Tanya, I told my dad about the Golden Snitch thing, and we got you the Nimbus 3000. I hope you like it. From, Albus Potter
  10. Tanya was happy with the broom, and took it out riding. She sped through the grounds and then decided to take a visit to Hagrid's. When she got to the hut, she spent some time with Hagrid, and then flew back towards the castle. This Christmas was the best in 11 years.
  11. Tanya was happy with the broom, and took it out riding. She sped through the grounds and then decided to visit Hagrid. When she got to the hut, she spent some time with Hagrid, and then flew back towards the castle. This Christmas was the best she had had in 11 years.

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