A Hogwarts Story Part#2

Tanya is worried. The Slytherin's are bothering her. And Cato, he's the one who takes it too far. So, Tanya fights back. But sees, she may be turning now into one of them.

This is a Hogwarts series by me, Emily. Please do not copyright. This is all my idea, the story line part. However, the world of Hogwarts & Albus Potter, & all the teachers, are by J.K. Rowling. Hope you enjoy this series. I work really hard on them.

Created by: EmGirl

  1. Tanya sat in the Slytherin Common Room, surrounded by a bunch of other Slytherin's. She was writing of her misfortunes in a letter she'd send to her parents by using her owl Regina. She glanced around the room nervously. The Slytherin Common Room was filled with the color green. Even the fire was green. And the lighting was dark. Tanya was aware of a blonde boy watching her. When ever she glanced in his direction, his eyes were upon hers. This made Tanya much more uncomfortable. All of a sudden, he went up to her, and grabbed her letter from her lap!
  2. "Hey, give that back!" she said. To Tanya's dismay, every eye was upon her. "Well well well," the blonde boy said, "What an interesting letter." he cleared his throat, and began speaking in a fake girl voice, "Dear Mummy and Daddy, I am heart broken, because I have been put into the Slytherin House. I do not wish to be here. I'd rather be in Gryphindor. Not much else to say, from, Tanya." he laughed, returning to his normal voice.
  3. "Looks like we have a traitor in our midst," the blonde boy said, "We should teach her a lesson, one, about where her faith should lie." "Look," Tanya said, "I don't mean trouble, I just don't feel like I belong here." "You," the boy said, pointing at a random Slytherin girl,"What are the traits of a Slytherin?" "Cunning, ambition..." the girl answered. "Correct!" the boy said, "And we must some how show, to this, new girl, she has them."
  4. Tanya ran up the stairs to the girls dormitory's, she could not stand the boy any longer! She was afraid now, more than when the Sorting Hat told her her house. When she got to her bed, she saw that another girl was in the room. "I heard what went on down there." the girl said. Tanya gasped and lay down on her bed. "Please don't hurt me," she said. "Don't pea in you pants, gosh! Not all Slytherin's are bad," the girl replied. "Who was that boy?" Tanya asked. "Cato Wells," the girl replied, "And I'm Melody." "Nice to meet you Melody," Tanya said, "I'm Tanya."
  5. "Tanya," Melody said, "you're strange. Cato would normally pound someone to a pulp if he found out a Slytherin hated Slytherin House. But you, he wants to HELP you, it's not right. And the way he was staring at you all through dinner, weird." "Is Cato," Tanya asked, "A year above me?" "No," Melody replied, "He's my brother. And I only know about what he'd do because our whole family is Slytherin. If I were you, I'd stay away from Cato. He's got plans for you."
  6. The next day as Tanya was walking down the hallway for lunch, she was a tad bit late because she had helped clean up the potions room after an unfortunate explosion. Suddenly, Cato appeared by her side, and pinned her against the wall. "Hello, Tanya," he said. "Go away," Tanya replied. Cato held a brew up to her nose. "Smell it, breathe it in," he said, "And do as I say."
  7. Tanya awoke in the middle of what looked like a war zone. As she got up, she realized it was the Hogwarts Courtyard. Albus was standing trying to fix the mess. When he saw Tanya awake, he rushed over to her. "What happened?" Tanya asked. "Someone put a spell on you, made you tear this place apart! For what reason, I don't know." "Cato!" Tanya said. She pulled her hair frantically. "What am I going to do?" she asked, "I'll be expelled!" "And not only that, but I'd advise you not to move your legs much," Albus said. "Why?" Tanya asked, when she saw that her legs weren't attached to her body. 'Oh My God!" She screamed, "Where are my legs?" Proffesor McGonagall and Cato were rushing over to them. When they arrived, Cato said, "A freak storm, I don't know who did it, and Tanya got caught in it." Tanya wanted to scream you lie! into Cato's face, but was affraid she would faint. "We must get Tanya to the hospital wing now," Proffesor McGonagall said, "Cato, help Albus clean up a bit." And Tanya blacked out.
  8. As Tanya lay in the Hospital Wing, she was planning ways she could take revenge on Cato. After all, what had disconnecting her legs from her body approve? Making her mad, yes. Making her go through a painful operation, yes. Tanya however, didn't think her mind would come up with anything mean, but she was better at it than she had though she'd be. When Melody had visited her, she had asked, "What does Cato like the most? What is his prized quality?" To this, she had been answered, "His hair, he like, combs it longer than the girly-est girl would." This gave Tanya, a mean, terrible, plan, And for a second, she didn't know her self, because this plan was so against her nature.
  9. The next day, there was a buzz going on in the Slytherin Common Room. Cato had woken up, and had found that his blonde hair, was gone. Just like that! When he marched down from the Boy's Dormitory's bald, face screwed up in an angry look, Tanya burst out laughing. She couldn't help it, because, guiltily, she knew she had done it. Cato pulled Tanya out side, and said, "Did you do this?" "I am guilty as charged," Tanya replied, "If I were you, I'd watch who I detached legs from." With that, she marched back inside and prepared her books, and headed down to breakfast.
  10. "Is it true?" Albus asked, as they were walking to class together. "Did you shave Cato?" "Yes, I did," Tanya replied, "and frankly, it's not as bad as him detaching my legs from my body." Tanya paused for a moment, then said, "Albus, am I turning into, a jerk?" "What? No," Albus replied, "I would have done something like that if I were you. Just make sure you don't get carried away, before you do do something bad." "I think the more I hang around those Slytherins," Tanya said thoughtfully, "the more I become one of them. I'm scared." "Don't worry," Albus said, "I'll keep you sane."

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