The Best Friends Forever Quiz

there are many friends but thier are billions of bffs. what is a bff? a bff is a best friend forever if some one dosnt know what that means. bffs do everything together and make everything happy.

do YOU have a bff? do YOU have someone to do everything with and tell everything to? the answers only ly within this magnificant quiz that only YOU can fihure this out with the best bff quiz you will ever find!!!!!!!

Created by: Hanna Hutchinson

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  1. how well do you really know your bff?
  2. what is both of your favorite colors?
  3. do you know thier siblinds
  4. how would you affect if someone stole you bff?
  5. how often do you hang out only if you live in the same city?
  6. how would you react if your brother/sister/both took your bff away?
  7. do your parents know about your bff?
  8. how long have you known your friend?
  9. do you know his/her full name?
  10. have you ever told him/her you full name?if so does she keep it memeorized?

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