How well do you know Emmett and Rosalie

Okay as you many have seen this quiz has been done by two people. You may have been curious and decided to check it out! Me and Bambi are the best of friends and wanted to do a Twilight quiz together to pass the time!

It's me Bambi. As you hve heard from Alice, we're the best of friends and will stay like that forever. Alright, forget about us, this quiz is about How much you know about the second most relationship couple, (in first come the lovebirds aka Ed & Bell). Anyway have fun doing the quiz!

Created by: Alice Cullen and Bambi
  1. How long did it take for Rosalie and Emmett to get closer? By Alice
  2. When Emmett got turned, what state (condition) was he in when Rosalie found him? By Bambi
  3. What animals are Rosalie and Emmett most like? By Alice
  4. How many houses have Emmett and Rosalie knocked down? By Bambi
  5. In what book do Rosalie and Emmett fear they will die together? By Alice
  6. What does Rosalie really want to be? By Bambi
  7. What year did Emmett get turned? By Alice
  8. What year did Rosalie get turned? By Bambi
  9. Which vampire changed Rosalie and Emmett? By Alice
  10. In Twilight, what did Rosalie say when she met Bella? By Bambi

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Emmett and Rosalie