Which Character are you??

I wanted to do a twilight test because i thought it would be fun and i'm glad that i have done it now so people can take this test and hopefully be happy about the results. I put about 12 questions in and i told the truth on the twilight characters!!

I no Rosalie doesn't like being a vampire so i made sure in the test if you wouldn't want to be a vampire you would be rosalie. And if your a kind person you would be alice and so on...

Created by: Maddy
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you :
  2. Do you like being a vampire??
  3. Whats your Fav Twilight Book??
  4. If You could meet a female twilight character who would it be??
  5. If You could meet a male twilight character who would it be??
  6. Do you like Jacob Black??
  7. Do You like Twilight??
  8. Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob
  9. how much do you like twilight out of 100??
  10. Overall Do you like Twilight??

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Quiz topic: Which Character am I??