Which Twilight character Are You??

Are you ready for the best quiz ever. Well I am going to try to make this one as close as I can to it. Questions about yourself will need to be answered. Here people find out who they really are from a great book.

Haven't you ever thought about the personality that you could have with the person you THINK you are like? You might think you are so much like Alice only because of the black hair. Thanks to this quiz though you could find out that you are more of an Esme than an Alice.

Created by: Danielle of Funtrivia
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. If you were asked to save your self or a close friend from a killer who would you pick?
  2. When you go to a party do you A) make a big entrance to get attention B) go in quietly and try to find a friend C) go in as quietly as possible and hope not to get noticed D) you do not go to partys
  3. You meet the new student right away in the hall what do you do?
  4. your dream car is a...
  5. favorite color is
  6. What animal do you relate most to?
  7. The perfect house location for you would be
  8. are you an athlete or clumsy
  9. your hair is
  10. Words that best describe you are

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Quiz topic: Which Twilight character am I??