Forever and Always pt.2

Hey guys well this is the 2nd part of my Forever and Always series. If you haven't taken the 1st part please do. And thanks so much for taking my series I really aprretiate it.

Anways this one might be a little boring because its just explaining everything but don't worry it will get more exciting with a lot of boy problems lol well please comment thanks:)

Created by: 33iZZy18

  1. Okay recap: You meet a few guys and your brother gets taken by the guy who killed your parents.
  2. You wake up in your one bedroom apartment. It's dark so you can't really see anything and reach to other side of the bed to see if your brother is there. It's empty and see the light on from the bathroom. You lay back down and assum it was just all a horrible nightmare."Willy, are getting ready for school?" Theres no answer and you sit up and you see that your still in your work clothes. You get up and turn on the lights and see that the hot guys from yesterday are sleeping on your floor. You panic, and slowly reach for the gun you keep under your pillow. The guy with Ocean blue steps out of the bathroom. and smiles when he sees you "Guys, shes awake." All the guys sit up. You point the gun towards them "Whoa-Whoa! Chill!" They put their hands in the air in surrender. Then you slowly start remembering. "Was it real?" you whisper they all nod and you fall towards the ground. The guy with Hazel eyes is about to confort you when you oint the gun at him. "Wheres my brother?" he backs away "We're not tying to hurt you." You slowly get up and still have the gun in his direction. "Then, what are you doing here?" You put the gun down and he steps foward "We're trying to help."
  3. There was silence "He said he wanted something.... What does he want?" The guy with violet eyes stepped in front "he wants a gem called the drangons heart." The guy with soft green eyes says "It is the most powerful thing in the whole universe it has the power to destroy and create other world and it gives the owner unimaginable power and makes him or her immortal."
  4. "What does it have to do with me?" The guy with hazel eyes says "It has everything to do with you." "What do you mean?" "3,000 years ago it was taken apart into five peices by five people, four male and one female. And when they took it apart they all receved specail powers. ALL the male for one of the four elements. One fire, one earth, one air, and one water. The female receved a specail combo of all of the elements including one more." "What is the last one?" There was a pause "To have power over death itself."
  5. You look at them confused what do mean? That we are those people?" He nods no "No we arnt them but they are our ancestors and we are the only direct line to them which means-""We have their powers..." You say. "Where is the gem?" You ask "They're scatterd and hidden around the world which means we are pretty much going on a tresure hunt."
  6. "What's going to happen to my brother?" Your heart starts hurting thinking about what happend and how you last saw your brother in tears. "I don't know, but I do know that he was taken to make sure you and all of us find the gem and trade it for our families." "What are your names?" You ask the guy with violet eyes steps out "My name is Nick." The guy with ocean blue eyes steps out "I'm Alex." The guy with hazel eyes steps out "I'm Chris." Then the one with the soft green eyes steps out "And I'm Jason."
  7. You realize that your still in your work close from yesterday and your eyes are sore from crying so much "Um guys? Can you give me a minute cuz you know I have to take a shower and get dressed and it kinda crowded in here...." "Oh sorry we'll give you time guys you wana go get some coffee?" Jason says they nod and start going out the door "Guys arnt you forgetting something?" They all look confused "You clothes." "Oh right forgot about that." Chris says you roll your eyes. Alex pulls on his shirt "I think I'm to sexy for my shirt." You laugh and say "Of course, your the sexist man alive and don't deserve the punishment to wear a shirt. In 50 degree weather." You say sarcastically. Then walk towards your closet.
  8. What do you choose to wear?
  9. Whatever you picked you choose well when you were doing your hair, it was the first time you felt like a normal teenager again because your usually always in your work clothes and raising a kid takes a lot out of you. But you know that for the last two years you have been doing a good job. You know that if your parents were still alive they would so proud of you and your brother. Your heart starts hurting again just thinking about him you wonder when you'll see him again... If you'll ever see him again...
  10. When your line getting ready and look satisfied with the way you look you walk outside and see the guys eating 3 whole donuts each with coffee. "You guys are such fatasses." You laugh. Alex turns to you and starts talking with his mouth full "Oh *gulps* ______ *keeps chewing* I think *chewing* there's at leats one more left." You laugh and take the donuts and start chewing. You see Nick looking at a worn out leather book. "Nick what's that?" He doesn't look at look at you "I found our next location...." He gets up and you havent noticed how small you are compared to him "We're going to Mexico."

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