Which kit are you? (part 6)

This is part 6 in my Which kit are you? series. If you haven't taken the first 5 quizzes, then I suggest you do so you won't get confused. In this part, it is Wolfpaw's POV. Please comment and rate. Thanks.

Are you Wolfpaw? Starpaw? Emberpaw? Lightningpaw? Or Eaglepaw? Lightningpaw and Emberpaw are brother and sister and their parents are Cinderheart and Lionstar (Lionblaze, in case you didn't know). Wolfpaw, Eaglepaw, and Starpaw are siblings and their parents are Dovewing and Bumblestripe. Each kit has a special power that they need to learn how to control/use.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo
  1. Wolfpaw's POV: Wolfpaw and Emberpaw padded into the medicine den and saw that Briarlight was sleeping and Jayfeather was in the storage cleft, in the back of the den. "Jayfeather. We need to tell you something important." Emberpaw hissed at him. "What is it? Is one of you hurt?" Jayfeather asked as he followed Emberpaw and Wolfpaw out of the den. "No one's hurt. We need to tell you something in private. Can we go out into the forest?" Wolfpaw asked him. "Sure." He shrugged, then blinked his sightless blue eyes, and headed towards the barrier. "What is it you need to tell me?" He asked as they reach a spot where no one would be able to hear them. "It's about a prophecy that Starpaw got in her dream." Wolfpaw meowed slowly. "It said, 'The five must must protect the shadow and tribe, and unite them to be whole again. Alone, they fail, together, they're strong. Chaos is rising, don't let them take the wind, thunder, river, and sky too.' Firestar gave it to her." Emberpaw said. "Anything else?" Jayfeather asked. "Um yeah. Me, Emberpaw, Eaglepaw, Lightningpaw, and Starpaw all have special powers and are part of that prophecy." Wolfpaw meowed. "What are your powers?" Jayfeather asked, curiosity filling his voice as he became more aware of what was happening. "I have my mom, Dovewing's, power, Emberpaw has fire, Lightningpaw has lightning or electricity, Starpaw is like a psychic cat cause she can read other cats minds, see the future, and can talk to other cats through her mind, and Eaglepaw has wind and can run really fast." Wolfpaw answered.
  2. "You need to tell Lionstar, Dovewing, and Hollyleaf." Jayfeather meowed. "Well, Dovewing was the one who told us to tell you so she already knows, Eaglepaw, Lightningpaw, and Starpaw are telling Lionstar, but we haven't told Hollyleaf." Wolfpaw meowed. "Well then, go and tell her." Jayfeather meowed. "She's going to find out anyway." He said before either one of the apprentices could protest.
  3. "Fine." Emberpaw mumbled and then they set off to go find Hollyleaf. It didn't take to long to find her with Wolfpaw's power. Hollyleaf was in the forest on th WindClan border, about to get in a fight with Heathertail and Weaselfur. "For the last time, I was never on the border." Hollyleaf spat out at the WindClan warriors. "We never know for sure." Heathertail meowed, her voice equally hostile. "Why don't you go run off to your little camp and stop telling me what I did and didn't do." Hollyleaf hissed, unsheathing her claws. "Come on, we better help her." Emberpaw whispered then slid out of the trees, followed by Wolfpaw. "Looks like a couple of apprentices came to your rescue, Hollyleaf." Weaselfur snickered. "We may be apprentices, but we can kick your tail anytime." Emberpaw hissed. Just then flames erupted on the border sending Heathertail and Weaselfur running back to their camp, and making Hollyleaf and Wolfpaw flinch away. But Emberpaw, held her ground. 'Wow, Emberpaw's power is dangerous.' Wolfpaw thought. As the flames died down, Hollyleaf said, "Okay, you two. Tell me what happened." "That's what we came to tell you about...." Emberpaw meowed and then her and Wolfpaw filled her in with the whole story.
  4. "We are assuming that 'the tribe' is the Tribe of Rushing Water, that 'sky' is SkyClan, 'thunder' is ThunderClan, 'wind' is WindClan, 'shadow' is ShadowClan, and 'river' is RiverClan." Wolfpaw meowed. "And your going to go there?" Hollyleaf asked them. "Well, not yet. We are going to train first and then we will go. We might not even be warriors yet when we leave." Emberpaw said. "Well then you better get started on your training. You haven't even been to a gathering as an apprentice because you slept right through last nights one." Hollyleaf meowed, amusement in her eyes. "Then you should train your apprentice, Eaglepaw, before he leaves too." Wolfpaw meowed. "Yeah, your right." Hollyleaf meowed, then ran away towards the camp. "We should probably get going too. They'll be wondering where we are." Wolfpaw sighed. "Yeah, probably." Emberpaw meowed then they both took off sprinting towards the ThunderClan camp.
  5. As they reached the camp, Wolfpaw saw Hollyleaf, Dovewing, Jayfeather, Lionstar, Bumblestripe, and Cinderheart go into Lionstar's den. "Cinderheart, Bumblestripe, we need to tell you something." Wolfpaw heard Dovewing meow gently to them, once they got in the den, "It's about our kits and right now Wolfpaw needs to stop listening in in our conversation." Dovewing snapped at her daughter. "Well, sorry but I think I have a right to listen in if your talking about us." Wolfpaw meowed. *(remember that Wolfpaw is in the clearing with the other apprentices and Dovewing is in Lionstar's den with the other warriors, so no normal cat would be able to hear that far)* "Well you shouldn't be listening in when we are discussing this." Dovewing hissed. "Dovewing, who are you talking too?" Bumblestripe asked, sounding confused. "Our daughter, Wolfpaw. She has the same power as me and she won't get out of our conversation." Dovewing replied. "Fine, I'll stay out of it." Wolfpaw meowed. "Good." Dovewing said, sounding satisfied.
  6. Wolfpaw turned her attention back to what she was doing and noticed that Eaglepaw, Lightningpaw, Starpaw, and Emberpaw were all looking at her like she sprouted wings and was about to fly. "What was that all about?" Eaglepaw asked, sounding confused. "I was talking to Dovewing." Wolfpaw meowed quickly, not really wanting to talk about the fact that they were talking about them in private. "Oh, okay. That makes more sense now." Starpaw meowed, getting the hint. "So what are we going to do about the prophecy?" Eaglepaw asked. "I think we need to go to the Tribe of Rushing Water and SkyClan first, and make sure that there's no chaos happening there." Wolfpaw meowed. "But first, we should just go on our normal duties and learn how to train and hunt before we leave." Emberpaw added.
  7. "Hey, Lightningpaw. Lionstar said it was okay if I still train you, so let's go." Tigerheart meowed as he came up to the apprentices. "You too, Wolfpaw." Blackstar meowed as he followed Tigerheart. "But you don't know the forest and how ThunderClan trains. So how are you going to teach them?" Emberpaw asked, a challenge in her voice. "That's why we're coming with them." Blossomfall meowed as she paddedup to stand beside Blackstar and Tigerheart.
  8. End of part 6.... Sorry if it was a little shorter, it's just that I didn't know what else to put.
  9. Which apprentice do you think you are?
  10. As I said before, as the apprentices get older, the quizzes will still be called Which kit are you? (part __). Please comment and rate, and thanks for taking my quiz.

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