Which kit are you? (part 5)

If you haven't taken my other quizzes in this series, then I suggest you take them, or you will be confused. As this series continues and the apprentices become warriors, the quiz name will still be called Which kit are you? (part __) so you can find it more easily.

Are you Wolfpaw? Emberpaw? Starpaw? Eaglepaw? Or Lightningpaw? In this quiz it is Starpaw's POV, and her power is revealed along with_________ (I'm not gonna tell you, you'll have to read to find out). Emberpaw and Lightningpaw are siblings and their parents are Cinderheart and Lionstar. Wolfpaw, Starpaw, and Eaglepaw, are siblings and their parents are Dovewing and Bumblestripe. Please rate and comment, thanks.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. Starpaw's POV: Starpaw found sleep easily, as she has already been tired from earlier that day. He and Eaglepaw, her brother, spent the whole day out in the forest with their long lost sister, Wolfpaw. "Goodnight Starpaw and Eaglepaw." Wolfpaw meowed quietly, as she walked in the apprentice's den and curled up in a tight ball. "Goodnight, Wolfpaw." Both Starpaw and Eaglepaw said at the same time, then they drifted off to sleep....
  2. Starpaw woke up in a bright, pretty, forest. "Where am I?" She asked herself. "You are in StarClan." A voice said behind her, making her jump. "Am I dead?" She asked as she turned around and saw a tom with red fur. "No." The cat meowed, amusement in his voice. "Do you know who I am?" He asked. "No, but it seems like I should. You kind of look like Lionstar, a little bit." Starpaw answered, tilting her head to one side. "Who are you?" She asked. "I am Firestar. The leader before Lionstar and I have a message for you." Firestar replied.
  3. "Well, what is it?" Starpaw called after Firestar as he began to fade away. Then she heard his voice. "The five must must protect the shadow and tribe, and unite them to be whole again. Alone, they fail, together, they're strong. Chaos is rising, don't let them take the wind, thunder, river, and sky too."
  4. "Starpaw! Wake up!" Wolfpaw meowed, nudging her sister hard. "Wha-" Starpaw said, as she was finally waking up. "You were mumbling in your sleep about the five and chaos and thunder, wind, river, and sky. What does that mean?" Eaglepaw asked, tilting his head to one side. "I'll tell you later." Starpaw meowed as she got up. 'Awww. Why can't you tell us?' Starpaw heard Wolfpaw say. "Because I can't right now, Wolfpaw." Starpaw snapped. "What are you talking about? I never said anything." Wolfpaw asked, suddenly curious. "Of course you did. You said it very faint though." Starpaw replied. "What did I say then?" Wolfpaw asked. "You said, aww. Why can't you tell us?" Starpaw meowed, wondering why Wolfpaw didn't know what she said. "I never said that, I thought it, though." Wolfpaw said, quietly. 'Can you hear me, Wolfpaw?' Starpaw asked, through her mind. Wolfpaw looked at Starpaw in amazement. "How did you do that?" She asked, sounding astonished.
  5. "I don't really know." Starpaw confessed. "Do what?" Eaglepaw asked, sounding confused. "Starpaw can read other cats thoughts and she just talked to me using her mind." Wolfpaw filled in Eaglepaw. "What's happening?" Emberpaw asked, just now waking up. "Nothing, Emberpaw." Wolfpaw meowed gently to her. "Wait a minute." Starpaw said. "There's five of us." "Yeah, so? What's that got to do with anything?" Lightningpaw asked, waking up too. "Have any of you have noticed something unusual about yourself, or each other?" Starpaw asked, slowly. "Like, how unusual?" Emberpaw asked, now sounding curious. "Like, special ability, unusual." Starpaw answered. Starpaw saw Emberpaw and Lightningpaw exchange a look. "Well, yesterday at the WindClan border, me and Lightningpaw ran into Ashfoot and Onestar. They were refusing to leave and were about to take us back to their camp when the border erupted into flames, then died down once when I got my temper under control." Emberpaw filled in the other apprentices.
  6. "And I also have something 'unusual'." Wolfpaw meowed. "That day that me and Lightningpaw were taken, I could hear and see something coming, but I didn't know what it was. And then, I heard Eaglepaw outside of the ShawdowClan camp, and now I can hear, and kind of see, Tigerheart and Blackstar talking about how much chaos there is in ShawdowClan and that they need to do something, quick before it's too late." Wolfpaw finished off. "How did you get to the ShadowClan camp, Eaglepaw?" Lightningpaw asked him. "Well this is probably where my 'unusual' ability comes in." Eaglepaw sighed. "I ran there. I beat the patrol to the camp and then beat them back here, and I wasn't even tired." He confessed. "What about that lightning that hit the tree when we were coming back?" Eaglepaw asked. "That would be me who did that." Lightningpaw meowed. "I had a rush of mixed emotions and then the lightning hit the tree." He answered. "That just leaves me." Starpaw meowed. "I can hear other cats thoughts and can talk to cats through our minds."
  7. "Well, what does it all mean?" Emberpaw asked. "I think I got a prophecy about us from Firestar." Starpaw meowed, sounding a bit shy. "What did it say." Lightningpaw asked, sounding interested. "He said, 'The five must must protect the shadow and tribe, and unite them to be whole again. Alone, they fail, together, they're strong. Chaos is rising, don't let them take the wind, thunder, river, and sky too'." Starpaw answered. "Well we probably know that the shadow, thunder, wind, river, and tribe are ShadowClan, ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan, and the Tribe of Rushing Water, but what does 'sky' mean?" Eaglepaw asked. "Don't the elders sometimes talk about a fifth clan, a SkyClan, I think." Wolfpaw meowed.
  8. "What's this about SkyClan?" Dovewing asked as she came into the den, "Did you honestly think I wouldn't be able to hear you?" She said, sarcastically. "Fox-dung." Eaglepaw spat as he just remembered about her power. "So, are you going to tell Lionstar and Jayfeather about your powers? Or am I going to have to do it?" Dovewing asked them. "We'll do it." Wolfpaw sighed as she got up and walked out of the den, followed by Eaglepaw, Lightningpaw, Emberpaw, and Starpaw. When they got into the clearing, Eaglepaw meowed, "How about me, Starpaw, and Lightningpaw go tell Lionstar while Wolfpaw and Emberpaw tell Jayfeather?" They all nodded their heads in agreement, then padded towards the den. 'I can't believe we forgot that Dovewing has the same power as Wolfpaw.' Lightningpaw said in his head.
  9. As Eaglepaw, Starpaw, and Lightningpaw went into the leaders den, they could already tell that he was up. "Lionstar, we need to tell you something important." Eaglepaw meowed. "Okay, what is it?" Lionstar asked as he sat down. "Well, we all know how you, Dovewing, and Jayfeather have these special powers, and when you and Dovewing had us, we got some powers too, and a prophecy." Lightningpaw filled in Lionstar. "What did the prophecy say? Who was it given by?" Lionstar asked. "It was given by Firestar and he said, 'The five must must protect the shadow and tribe, and unite them to be whole again. Alone, they fail, together, they're strong. Chaos is rising, don't let them take the wind, thunder, river, and sky too,' he told me this in my dream." Starpaw meowed. "What are your powers?" Lionstar asked them. "I have super speed and wind, Lightningpaw has lightning and electricity, Starpaw is like a psychic cat. She can read other cats minds and talk to them through it, Wolfpaw has Dovewing's power, and Emberpaw has fire." Eaglepaw replied. "I must tell Jayfeather and Dovewing about this." Lionstar said as he got up. "There's no need for that. Emberpaw and Wolfpaw are telling Jayfeather and Dovewing already knows." Lightningpaw meowed. Which kit do you think you are?
  10. Please rate or comment, or both; thanks. Keep an eye out for Which kit are you? (part 6).

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