Giving Love A Shot Part 16

I think I'm gonna make a sequel to this called "Try To Trust". It will have realtionship drama and I hope you guys will like it. For the last part of this (not yet) I'll have a contest for one of you to be in the first part of the next series!

I'll get more into the contest later. I hope you guys like this part even though it's not my best. Please comment, rate, keep reading. I appreciate those of you that have stayed since the begining.

Created by: Teresa22

  1. Before I left, I paused at the door. Mr. Cuddlepants was looking right at me with Puss and Boot's eyes. Like he was staring into my soul. . . creepy. O .o I picked him up and put him in my black purse that looked like a messanger bag, only smaller. Luckily, he fit snuggly without making the bag huge. Ben looked at me as if I were trying to shove an elephant in the bag. "What?" I asked innocently. He smiled, flashing off his perfect teeth. "Why are you bringing the cat? I knew you and Claire could be. . . messed up in the head— At times! Don't get mad. But I never thought EITHER of you were THAT messed up. . ." he explained with a laugh. I punched his arm slighly and laughed along. "Let's just leave" I said with ann eye roll. I left the room, leaving him behind me.
  2. In the car, we drove in silence. I decided to break the ice. "I want this to be a date" I let out, closing my eyes. I opened my eyes and looked over at Ben. He was grinning as if I had made him the happiest person in the world. I smiled too. "How long have you wanted to date me?" I asked, getting serious again, but still smiling. He sighed and stuck his tongue out the side, ever so slightly. "To be honest" he started saying with confindence. "I-I've wanted to date you for quite a while. . ." he finished quietly and shyly. I smiled and put my hand on his arm. "I have too. . ." I whispered as well.
  3. The rest of the drive was in silence. We got tickets, snacks, and drinks just as it became 2:55. x3 Right on time. Although, the previews didn't end until 3:10. xP
  4. (Sorry if this spoils it for those of you that haven't seen it)
  5. The lights dimmed just in time to see three little girls having a tea party with dolls. One by one they stood up, crushing the doll heads and dropping tea cups. As if in a trance, they walked to the windows and stood in the frame. They jumped as their mother screamed in a horrified tone, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! MY BABIES!" and then begins to sob.
  6. The scene shifted to Daniel Radcliffe, Arthur Kipps in this movie, departing with his young son. As he was looking at a stick figure drawing of himself, made by his son, he asked, "Why do I look so sad?" for the drawing him had an obvious frown upon its face. —Of course, another British movie—I thought. "Because that's what your face looks like." his son, Joey, explains. I giggled and leaned on Ben's arm. I was so glad we were sitting in the back seats. Even though as my aunt had once told me, "The back seats are where the couples sit." "Why?" I asked. "To makeout" she put simply. "Ahh" I responded, a little grossed out being only four.
  7. Ben smiled at me, and I had no choice but to smile back. The movie went on pretty blah, with scary parts here and there. Which I of course used to my advantage to cuddle up with Ben. ;) Kipps gets to this Marsh house mansion, sees the woman in black at the graveyard. Not much.
  8. One scary part was Kipps was in the marsh house and in the nursery. He's standing near the window, with his hand to the glass. Suddenly his reflection changes to the woman in black and she screams. At another part all the nursery toys come alive and the woman is seen hanging herself. It was creepy. O.O
  9. When the movie ended, I was slightly shaking. Ben looked over and I by then I was squeezing his arm, suprised it didn't pop off. I losened my grip. "Sorry" I muttered, blushing. He smiled and said, "Good thing you won't be sleeping alone tonight". I stuck my tongue out. It was still light out leaving the theater, so we decided to walk around a bit.
  10. While walking, we stopped for some coffee in a cute little cafe. There was karaoke event going on, so we listened. Mitchy was there! She was singing beautifully to "Single Ladies" by Beyonce. Dancing too. She must've watched the music video millions of times as she both sang and danced flawlessly. I even recorded her on my phone. It was amazing and amusing. "All the single ladies, now put your hands up!" she sang. Maybe she knew it so well because she enjoyed being single. Who knows.

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