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  • Bruh
    "I'm gonna go. Bye people :P"
  • Bruh
    "@sg you too :) @brownie same kinda"
  • Bruh
    "@sg okie @gg oh that's cool. Idk him"
  • Bruh
    "@sg I figured since they answered the question it was you. Oops"
  • Bruh
    "@Heph oh okay. Nice to see ya too :) @GG alrighty :)"
  • Bruh
    "@sg that's exciting!"
  • "I got friendzoned. But it's pretty comforting knowing where I stand with him so that I don't get my hopes up when he says certain things or ..."
  • Bruh
    "@sg sup @heph not much. You?"
  • I don't know what to do.
    "Just go for it. Just clarify that you're okay with remaining just friends so she knows that she'll still have your friendship even if she do..."
  • Bruh
    "Seriously tho Hey heph"
  • Bruh
    "Oh hi I remember you"
  • Bruh
    "I have no clue who like any of you are. Like yeah my memory is pretty crappy, but it's also been over half a year sooo yeah"
  • "Yup"
  • "I feel"
  • Hiiii
    "Well it's late and I still have school :( goodnight everyone"

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