Giving Love A Shot

READ THIS PLEASE! So this is yet another love series and I hope you like mine!Since it is my first part of the series please be nice but I am open to any ideas and opinions.

Post whatever you think about the series in the comments and I will probably use most ideas I get. READ THE RESULTS! I would like to thank 500DaysOfDannica for inspiring me to finally making my own quiz series. Check out hers which are They Love Me and Somebody Special!

Created by: Teresa22

  1. What did I get myself into? I never should have agreed to that date. Well, now I'm stuck in a room with no one to talk to, nothing to do, no one to help, and no way out!
  2. Let me start by tell you the begining of this story. . .
  3. It was a normal school day. I was eating lunch with my friend Claire, when Sean, a total jock, came up to us and sat down. In my mind I was thinking -go away Sean, no one likes you. Okay fine so Claire has a crush on you but does that really matter?- but instead I said "Hi Sean. Did you need something?"
  4. Sean is tall and muscular. He has wavy brown hair, gray eyes, and is on the football team. He responded "Yeah, you can go on a date with me". Now I tried to think first, but I didn't want to be rude so I agreed. He said "Great, I'll pick you up at 9:00" then grinned and left. Claire just stared after him. When he was out of earshot she said "_______! How the hell could you do that to me?!". She flipped her medium length red hair the way she always did when she got mad. Claire looked at me with her green eyes and I knew she could she how sorry I was.
  5. "Claire, I am sooo sorry" I tried to apologize but she cut me off. "It's fine" she said sympathetically "to tell you the truth, I'm more jealous than mad". "You wanna go on the date instead?" I offered her. She smiled "I'd love to, but he asked you". -Lucky me- I thought.
  6. Just when I thought that, my best friend Ben came up to us. He asked "Hey ______, are you okay? I saw Sean leave". He can always tell when I'm upset. Claire kicked me then smiled. See, Claire has a thing for matching people up and thinks Ben and I are cute together. I gave her a glare that said 'It's soooo never gonna happen' then I responded "Yeah I'm fine. He just asked me out". For the tiniest milisecond I thought I saw a hint of sadness in his blue-gray eyes, but just for a second.-His eyes are so pretty- I thought. Strangely, when I thought that Ben smiled and asked "So what did you say?".
  7. Ben has curly black-brown hair, is medium-short, has the most beautiful eyes (not that I like him, I just love the color), great teeth, and he plays basketball. I felt bad but I said "I agreed, but just to be nice". He started laughing. I suddenly thought of an idea, it was an idea doomed to fail, but it was worth a shot. I smiled. Ben got all serious and stared at me. "_____," he said "it's not gonna happen, I won't do it". "What are you talking about?" Claire asked. "What if," I started "you guys came with me on the date? I wouldn't have to be alone and you guys would know what happened!". They both started at me like I was crazy and maybe I was.
  8. Claire was the first to crack. "Okay, fine. That's what friends are for. Right?". I smiled then put on my best puppy-eyes face. "Please?" I begged Ben. It took him a while, but he finally said "Oh, alright. I swear ________ the things I do for you". "Thanks!" I smiled at him and Claire kicked me again. This time I just rolled my eyes at her. "Okay, so it's settled. We'll meet up at wherever Sean is taking me at 9:00" I said, well more asked to make sure we all knew the plan. "Yep" they replied together.
  9. Before I knew it, it was 9:00. I wore a pink pair of converse boots, black skinny jeans, and a pink shirt to match the converse.
  10. Sean picked me up and he looked the same as he did in school. He looked me over and said "You didn't have to dress up". "Well," I started "this is a date, so it should be kind of formal". "Whatever". He said he was taking me to the park so I texted Ben and Claire, telling them where to meet us. "So. . ." I said kind of akwardly "is it okay that I made this a double date?". I swear his eyes flashed bright red, then they went back to gray "It's fine" he said bitterly. We drove past the park and when I looked at him to point it out he gave me a death stare so I stayed quiet. The last thing I remember before waking up in the room was the car lurching forward and hearing Ben's voice saying in barely a whisper "The things I do for you. . .".

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