what will you do for love?

well this about giving a chance to know what life is about because most people think its about making love but to share those feelings you need to know stuff about each other.

are you ready for love? because most people would be dying to know but smart people rather wait because there's a lot of outcomes and possibilities to that.us

Created by: kiarra & kita

  1. how will you impress your boyfriend?
  2. how would you spend a day with him?
  3. what will a romantic night will be for you?
  4. what does love mean to you?
  5. for love would you do something stupid for your love?
  6. would you want to start a family?
  7. would you move far away with him?
  8. would you stop going to school and let him take care of you?
  9. what would life be like for you?
  10. would u ever kiss him or her on the first date?

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Quiz topic: What will I do for love?