Who in really loves you?

I this world we have many loved ones, enemies, strangers and just people-over-there.We may love many people, but even we love them, doesn't necceseraly mean they love us.

What people really love you? Without my quiz, you may just be wondering and guesseng but since i have now created it, you can find out for sure in just a few minutes!

Created by: bunniesrule

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  1. Lets pretend something really bad happened to you, who will you come to or a talk about it
  2. someone sees that youre in pain or your feelings are hurt, who is that someone
  3. Who will you expect the most presents from at holidays
  4. If someone stole something from you, who would you ask for advice?
  5. If someone stole something from you, whos house would you go to looking or it?
  6. Who do you trust the most?
  7. Who do you trust the least?
  8. you just got a new pair of shoes(for girls)/you just got new running shoes who will admire them first?
  9. If you cant decide what to take who will you ask for advice?
  10. On a scale o 1-10 how good was my quiz?(no effect)

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