What type of doctor would suit you best?

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There are many types of doctors. There are doctors that specialize in all kinds of different fields. Some doctors do surgeries, while others work in office.

Which type of doctor would be best suited for you? Would you thrive as a surgeon, radiologist, cardiologist, pediatrician, neurologists, family doctor, orthopedist, dermatologist, physician scientist, or as an anesthesiologist?

Created by: Tyler

  1. Would you prefer to do operations?
  2. What type of patients would you want to mainly deal with?
  3. How important is money?
  4. How many years of school would suit you? (Not including college)
  5. How many hours a week would you be willing to work?
  6. Would you go back to school to improve your skills even if it costs a lot of money?
  7. Would you want to specialize in a specific field?
  8. Would you want to deal with blood, muscles, etc?
  9. Would you prefer employment or private practice?
  10. What do you think the most important characteristic of a good doctor is?

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