How To Tell When A Boy Likes You

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Have you been wondering if that certain boy loves you or not? Do you wish he would tell you that he like/loves you? Are you dying to find out if he likes you or not right now at this very moment? If you are, then take this quiz!

There are many girls in this world right now who are wondering if a boy likes/loves them. And something tells me that you are one of them. And did you know that some boys pretend not to like a girl that they secretly love/like?

Created by: Anonymous
  1. Has he ever stared at you?
  2. Does he ever follow you?
  3. Does he act like you don't exist when you are really close to him?
  4. Has he ever said that he does not like you?
  5. Has he ever stared into your eyes longer than usual?
  6. Has he ever helped you do something? (Example: He helped you put your books in your locker at school)
  7. How much does he talk to you?
  8. Have you ever seen him do something funny which made everyone laugh, and then glance at you to see if you laughed too?
  9. Do you ever get the feeling that he is near you/watching you?
  10. Has his friend ever hung out with you/talked to you?
  11. How often does he give you good eye contact when you talk to him?
  12. Has he ever smiled at you?

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