How Well Do You Know Me??

This Quiz Thingy requires me to Type up a 150 word Description. I do not understand why it needs to be 150 words, but this should suffice as soon as I end this Sentence.

How much do you think you know a particular person?? How much does the World actually know about me?? How about the ones that I have Contact with on a Regular Basis?? Think you know me?? Give it a Try!!

Created by: Brett

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  1. How many Ride Models do I have Complete Right Now??
  2. What is my Cat's Name??
  3. Where did my MySpace Profile Photo come From??
  4. What's the Best Way to Piss My Brother Off??
  5. Who came with me to my Sister's Graduation Party in 2000??
  6. What Crazy Thing Did I do as a kid in High School??
  7. I'm Watching an NFL Game, The Redskins playing the Dallas Cowboys. Redskins have the Ball, and proceed to Fumble it. Cowboys Gain Possession. What is my initial Reaction??
  8. What Importance is June 26th 2004??
  9. Going with the Theme of Model Rides that I have right now, which one of the Following would I order next to keep within the Theme??
  10. What Type of Vehicle am I Currently Driving??
  11. Why Paula Abdul??
  12. True or False...After coming off of the Road in 2002, I was 100% Faithful.
  13. Going with the Last Question, why did you Answer the way you did??
  14. Almost Done. What Ride is my Favorite and Why??
  15. I Leave the Store After Work in the Morning. 90% of the time, what is in that bag??
  16. Name the 3 Ride Models that I received in 2007.
  17. Final One. What is my One True Goal For the Future??

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Me??