Do You Pronounce Words Right?

Woe unto the English scholar who must hear daily the mangling of the language by its speakers. So many of us mispronounce so many words, it's a wonder we ever passed an English class. For whatever reason, certain words are just difficult to pronounce. They don't come out right at all. This is a quiz to determine how badly you suffer the malady of mispronunciation.

Soon enough your word pronunciation abilities will be tested. You have to answer each question HONESTLY. On each question, try to say the word casually in your head. Try to use it in a sentence and picture yourself saying it. Then pick the answer that matches best with what the word sounds like when you say it. If you don't answer honestly, you are cheating. The words below are all commonly mispronounced. See how well you can do.

Created by: James
  1. How do you pronounce "nuclear"?
  2. Okay, how about "supposedly"? Think about it and be honest!
  3. What about "especially"? How do you pronounce the first syllable?
  4. How do you say "realtor"?
  5. How about "jewelry"? Say it in your head.
  6. A common one: "library"
  7. How do you commonly pronounce this one: "probably"
  8. What about the word "asterisk"?
  9. Keep being honest, now. Do you go "across" the steet?
  10. How about when you say "prescription"?
  11. "Undoubtedly"?
  12. When talking dimensions, which of these do you say?
  13. What are those orange things used for jack-o-lanterns?
  14. How do you say that holiday for love?
  15. If movie's ending is a bit of a let-down, which of these pronunciations would you use to describe it?
  16. How do you say "sandwich"?

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