who should u date

come see what is you're type.. who knows maby you allredy know them??? who know where you might meat them? and im just trying to take up space soo word words words words words words words

i know you want to come cheek it out dont yea errr i kinda hate the 150 words lalalalallalaalalalla now come see who you're type is lala ala allala lalalala lalla i know u want toooooooo lalala lala lla lalala

Created by: katieX3

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what do you do on fridays
  2. pick a star
  3. pick you're fav color
  4. what is you're fav type of music over all (if you dont care pick a random one)
  5. what is you're fav soda
  6. its you birthday what would you like you're bf/gf to get yeah
  7. what would you friends call you
  8. what is you're eye color
  9. can you swim
  10. what is you sighen
  11. pick a saying
  12. what is the #1 thing in life
  13. would you rather live with you bf/gf ir live with you're friends
  14. would you rather play sports or go on a date
  15. what is you're fav party

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