Who's YourHarry potter Date

Harry Potter is good book with memorable characters, humor, magic, adventure, and (heart felt, sigh) romance. What would happen if you could be one of the Harry Potter characters?

Which of the male characters is a match for you? Who would you date? What if you went to Hogwarts? What character would you be most like? Find out now with this wonderful quiz.

Created by: Becca
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. When HE sees you in the halls you...
  2. Where would he take you on a date?
  3. What house r u in?
  4. What's most important?
  5. Have u ever fought Voldemort?
  6. What do u think of Quiditch?
  7. Pick a color.
  8. du u lik this quiz?
  9. Who's your favorite?
  10. Which animal is your favorite?

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