The Potterwiz (check how much you know about HP)

For years, Potter fans havebattled and claimed to have true Potter brains, but there are little ones who have true potter minds. Many have pondered the same questions: How do we know if one is a true Potter master mind? Well, the answer is in front of your very eyes.

Are YOU a Potterwiz? Do you have what it takes to be a true Potter fan? You can only wonder... Until today! Just a few clicks, and you will see what you really are! Presenting, THE POTTERWIZ!

Created by: Nox

  1. What was the name of the hotel that the Dursleys used as a hiding place from the letters that came from Hogwarts?
  2. Gryffindor students are ? and ?
  3. What is the core of Harry's wand?
  4. who is NOT a member of the Order of The Phoenix?
  5. What is the first name of Tonks?
  6. What dragon did Harry Potter had to fight to retrieve the golden egg in the Triwizard Tournament?
  7. Who thought of the '7 Potters escape plan' in the first place in book 7?
  8. What is The Grim?
  9. describe the dark mark.
  10. What is a Horcrux?

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